Brian Welch On Why Religious People Criticizing Korn

In a recent video shared on his YouTube channel, Brian ‘Head’ Welch opened up about his thoughts on religious critics who target Korn’s concerts. He explained that these people failed to grasp the teachings of Jesus and were the real ‘corrupt’ ones.

Recalling a biblical story where Jesus confronts religious leaders, the guitarist said:

“What’s crazy is in the scriptures, Jesus is talking to these religious leaders. They’re corrupt religious leaders, and he’s talking to them, and he’s telling them, ‘My father is God.’ He comes from God, and he’s giving them these nuggets, and they get all mad at him. The corrupt religious leaders say, ‘Our father is God too.’ Jesus turns around and says, ‘Your father is the Devil.’”

Then, he drew a parallel between this story and his band’s trouble with religious Christians:

“Now, I never talk about the Devil, Satan, Lucifer, or whatever. I just don’t really care about that. But for Jesus to throw that line at them, it’s like when all these people are outside Korn concerts, or not all these people, when there’s a weird, judgmental, corrupt religious person out there just saying, ‘You guys are of the devil. You guys are the devil.’ It makes me think about what Jesus said to the corrupt religious leaders.”

The Guitarist Was Obsessed With Religion At Some Point

Welch himself found religion in the early 2000s as a way to overcome his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, leading him to leave Korn for nearly ten years. He rejoined the band in 2013 and has since reflected on his initial fanatic approach to his newfound faith.

On the ‘No F**kin’ Regrets With Robb Flynn’ podcast, Welch revealed ‘going too far’ with his beliefs and discussed finding balance:

“I had to come out of that and find normalcy because there’s nothing worse than a freakin’ irritating religious person just shoving it down your throat — there’s nothing worse than that. And you saw it on the documentary [‘Loud Krazy Love,’ which documents Brian’s journey towards sobriety], Jonathan’s [Davis], like, ‘I hate those mother**kers.’”

Referring to the overly religious crowds at the Korn shows, he added:

“People can’t stand ’em. And for years, we’ve had those Christians outside of Korn concerts, saying Korn’s of the devil, and all this. It’s crazy — it’s a crazy thing. But I’m just glad I got through it. And I’m glad that I am who I am now, and I have a lot of peace and rest for my soul. I feel very leveled and at peace with myself.”

Still, He Has No Regrets

His remarks caused a stir in the media. Consequence Of Sound headlined a news article about the interview by writing ‘Korn’s Brian ‘Head’ Welch Admits That He ‘Went Too Far’ With His Christian Beliefs.’ Following that, Welch cleared the air about his stance on Instagram:

“Let me shed some more light here: I was trying to address my early fanaticism with Christianity. Do I regret taking some much-needed time away from Korn? Not at all. I enjoyed some of the best years of my life with my daughter, making precious memories with her I wouldn’t have been able to make if I would’ve stayed. But some of the choices I made were reminiscent of a true fanatic: I ripped Jennea out of public school because it wasn’t a ‘Christian’ school.”

The guitarist admitted the negative impact of fanaticism on him and his daughter. Still, saying he didn’t regret choosing religion, his words went on:

“Jesus Christ is my whole life’s foundation. When the storms come, and they will come, my life will not crumble because my foundation is very secure. I have found true rest in the depths of my soul. Matthew 11:28: the first scripture that I found–my first scripture tattoo–came true for me in every way. This life I’ve discovered is so real! I’m so glad I’ve never walked away from Christ like many have, and I never will! Take that, you overly religious Christian haters.”

Check out Brian ‘Head’ Welch’s recent video below.