Tommy Henriksen On Johnny Depp: He’s Blessed And Cursed

Tommy Henriksen wishes he could be Johnny Depp for a day.

The musician recently sat down with the Rockpit and replied to a question asking who he would want to switch lives with:

“I would want to be Johnny Depp for a day [laughs]. I have seen the way he lives, I want to be Johnny Depp. I tell him all the time, let me be you for a day and he would always reply ‘You don’t want that brother’ [laughs]. Yes I do, I would love to be Johnny Depp for a day, are you kidding me? That would be the best thing ever.”

Henriksen Is Jealous Of ‘Johnny Time’

Then, he referred to Depp’s freedom and lack of rigid schedules:

“Being on Johnny time, is time where there is no time. It’s just Johnny time. Johnny time is way different to even Axl Rose time too, Johnny time, there ain’t nobody on Johnny time [laughs]. I love it. I tell him I wish I had your life.”

But Henriksen is also aware of the challenges Depp faces with fame:

“He is blessed and cursed, he can’t go out, it’s hard for him to go out. Every time we are in a hotel there are always tons of people hanging around. He will go out though and hang out with them when it’s not too crazy. He is all about talking to the fans and people, he is really good about it. He is the kind of guy that will walk ups to you and hug you.”

Tommy’s Previous Words On Depp

Tommy is a bandmate of Depp in Hollywood Vampires. Last year, the musician talked with Chuck Shute and shared his thoughts on Johnny, and his 2022 trial with Amber Heard, saying:

“That guy is nothing like that. That guy’s the f*cking greatest guy in the world. That’s all I gotta say. It was one of those moments I was like, ‘Oh, you know what? He’s a smart guy, dude. And he is a f*cking – He’s the most lovable and generous guy ever. So, all that stuff that was going, yeah, people are gonna find out for themselves.’ And they did. They did, and I gotta say he’s like one of my best friends, that guy, and I would do anything for that guy just like he’d do so for me.”

Hollywood Vampires has no scheduled dates for 2024 as of now but Henriksen is busy with his new project, Crossbone Skully. He released three songs, ‘Evil World Machine,’ ‘The Boom Went The Boom’ (feat. Phil Collen), and ‘Unbreakable.’ He mentioned his plans to do live shows with Skully during the Rockpit chat.