Tobias Forge’s Tragic Trade-Off For Ghost’s Debut

Tobias Forge started forming Ghost around 2008 and recorded an album after finding everybody he needed, except for a lead singer, a role he had to fill. Eventually, the band had numerous demos but no record label to release the album. That’s when Forge came up with the idea to upload the songs to Myspace. He indeed shared the demos on the social media platform on March 12, 2010. This was a life-changing decision since record labels worldwide began contacting the frontman.

While this was a miraculous moment in the musician’s life, it’s also a bittersweet memory for Forge. His brother Sebastian passed away from heart disease on the same day that Ghost released their first demo songs online. Forge’s brother had an immense influence on him since he introduced the vocalist to significant artists such as Rainbow, KISS, and Mötley Crüe when he was a kid.

Since it was a double-sided date for Tobias Forge, he was asked about his feelings about the day he lost his brother in a conversation with Revolver. Apparently, the rocker didn’t consider this coincidence entirely catastrophic since he believed it was a universal trade-off.’

“Ever since then, it’s hard not to feel that there might have been some sort of universal trade-off like he was just giving me a big push in the back, and it hasn’t stopped since,” Forge stated. The musician said that he turned his loss into something powerful, “To take one loss, and then you accumulate the worth of that and sort of bake it into, like, a power bun.”

The singer later compared his situation to a scene in the third movie of ‘Back to the Future,’ “Do you remember in ‘Back to the Future III’ when he has those logs of wood spiked with some sort of sh*t that makes the locomotive move faster? So far, it feels like that’s how I’ve been able to sort of redirect. It’s like a mental aikido.”

In the end, the musician experienced a tragic loss on a day that should be celebrated, but he considered this a way of life. Tobias Forge revealed that he’s always felt his late brother as a great spiritual support in his musical life since the day he passed away.