Thom Yorke Makes Fun Of Radiohead’s TikTok Failure


Thom Yorke shared his opinion about Radiohead’s performance on TikTok, which was posted on the band’s official TikTok account.

Most musicians and bands have become famous thanks to their successful songs and records. However, one of the most important things in the contemporary music industry is being active on social media, which grows the popularity of the bands and musicians.

To gain more fans and followers, Radiohead joined TikTok back in April 2021, and they have been sharing lots of black & white videos since then. Unfortunately, things are not going well for the band on that social media platform.

Since the beginning of their journey on TikTok, Radiohead’s viewership on the videos has dropped significantly. Therefore, Thom Yorke shared his thoughts about these numbers with Chieftain Mews, which was leaked with the band’s recent post.

As Thom said to Chieftain Mews, the viewership numbers have been dropping about 30% with every single video and admitted that it is not going in the right direction. Thus, they need to do something about it. Yorke stated that they should post dancing animal videos, instead of releasing creepy videos because they are not entertaining for people at all.

Thom Yorke criticized the analytics on Radiohead’s TikTok account:

“We love what you’re doing, you obviously have been trying very hard, and we appreciate the effort, but we have been looking over the numbers. Every time a new post goes up, you get 30% less people viewing it. So clearly, it’s not going in the right direction.

Clearly, you needed to do something more like dogs dancing or whatever the f*ck it is. People on TikTok, they find you. I think the word is ‘repellent.’ ‘Creepy.’ ‘Creepy uncle.’ They called you a creepy uncle. It’s a disaster.”

You can check out the video below.