Courtney Love Names The Best Frontman Of Rock N’ Roll And It’s Not Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain’s widow and singer of The Hole, Courtney Love, took her official Instagram account to upload a new post and shared her thoughts about R.E.M’s Michael Stripe.

In the post, Courtney Love initially celebrated the 61st birthday of Stripe and showed that she cares about him so much to this day. Afterward, Courtney shared an unknown and interesting story about Stripe’s childhood and shocked the fans.

According to Love, Stripe broke into the bulb and smashed the glass with his bare hands while he was little. Furthermore, Courtney revealed the answer Stripe gave to his father when he asked why he did such a thing. Interestingly enough, Stripe stated that he wanted to become the light.

After telling the story about Stripe, Love praised his talent and stated that there is no other man who is better than Stripe as a frontman in the rock and roll scene. Courtney’s comment shocked the fans since she named someone else than her late husband, Kurt Cobain.

Here is what Courtney Love wrote in the caption of her post:

High holy day. The birth of Michael Stipe.

When Michael was little, he was staring into a lightbulb one day, he broke into the bulb and smashed the glass open with his bare little hands to get inside it.
The glass shattered everywhere.

His father heard the noise, & came into the room, concerned (his father took a photograph of the smashed bulb, not included here). When he asked young Michael what he was thinking of, Michael replied, ‘I want to be the light.’ Not in the light. Not of the light. The light.”

She added:

“My god, he did succeed. I love you so my sweetheart, my psychic warrior, my true heart. No man so beautiful. So sexy, so graceful, No man talks me down from the end and into the omega.
No man. No better frontman in rock and roll. Not now, not ever.

No argument. Just elegance. Always, to eagle peak, Your number one distiple, Your grateful candy apple, God damn, your confusion, He’s got such pretty persuasion.”

You can check out the post below.