Thin Lizzy’s Scott Gorham Says Jimi Hendrix Is His Rock God

The long-time member and guitarist of Thin Lizzy, Scott Gorham, was recently interviewed by BBC Radio and shared his thoughts on legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix while revealing the little-known story of how he met Jimi.

Thin Lizzy’s twin lead guitarist Gorham is considered one of the most talented guitarists who was born in Ireland. In addition to releasing more than 10 studio albums with Thin Lizzy so far, he is also the co-founder of a spin-off band named Black Star Riders. Scott released his latest ever album named ‘Another State of Grace’ back in 2019.

In his 47 years of a legendary career, Lizzy has changed his equipment and guitars from time to time. He started his Thin Lizy career by playing Japanese Les Paul, yet, he later began playing Les Paul Standard about five years later. Despite changing his guitars and types of equipment several times until 2016, Gorham returned using the products of Marshall.

In his latest ever interview with BBC Radio, Scott talked about his musical journey as well as how he met Jimi Hendrix. While being asked to name his rock god in the interview, Gorham called Jimi without any second thoughts by sharing the story of how his friend helped him to meet his rock god.

Here is what Scott told:

“The artist I would like to choose as my rock god – it really has to be, top of the list, it has to be Jimi Hendrix. I do have a story about ‘beating’ Jimi Hendrix. Listen, I was 16 years old at the time so, give me a break here, right?

But, myself and two of my friends, we drove up to Earl Warren Showgrounds [in Santa Barbara, CA], we had no money, we’re sitting in the back and we’ve got no cash… We really want to see Jimi, and this buddy of mine goes, ‘OK, listen, I got a plan. Don’t say anything, just follow my lead.’

There was no such thing as a stage door back then, you just picked the door and you start pounding on it. And who’s sitting there but Jimi Hendrix. And I froze… And this buddy of mine comes flying through like he was meant to be there. ‘Hey, Jimi, how you doing there? You mind if we take a couple of pictures, it’s for the boys,’ blah blah blah…

And Jimi was like, ‘Uh, yeah, sure, no problem. Cool, man, very good.’ And he stood up and he had his picture taken and we each had our picture taken. And years later it kind of dawned on me that what I’d actually learned from that experience was the way that Hendrix treated us all. I mean, I kind of took that with me.

Because I see people backstage at our concerts and I see that look, and I do not want to make them feel any more uncomfortable than they probably already are. So thank you for that, Jimi.”

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