The Truth About Jon Bon Jovi – Cindy Crawford Relationship


Jon Bon Jovi is a singer-songwriter, record producer, philanthropist, and actor, widely known as the founder and the frontman of the band Bon Jovi. He formed the band in 1983 and has released 15 studio albums. Since its formation, Bon Jovi has sold over 100 million records worldwide and performed over 2,700 concerts around the world.

Jon Bon Jovi is indeed a successful musician, but he is also among the most handsome rock stars in rock history. Back then, with his baby blue eyes and his trademark blond hair, he used to win everyone’s heart easily. Even today, although 59 years old, Jon Bon Jovi is still preserving his good looks.

Considering how handsome he is, there is no doubt that Jon Bon Jovi has had numerous affairs. For instance, he dated the musician Lita Ford and actress Diane Lane in 1984, and he supposedly wrote ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’ about his relationship with Lane. In 1989, the rock icon married his high school sweetheart Dorothea Hurley, and the couple has four children today.

However, there were rumors that he dated Helena Christensen in 2005. Nonetheless, some also said that he had an affair with Cindy Crawford. Let’s learn the truth about the relationship between the pair.

Were Jon Bon Jovi And Cindy Crawford Only Friends?


Jon Bon Jovi recently posted a photo of himself with Cindy Crawford on his Instagram. Following that, this reminded many of the rumors about a possible relationship between the two. According to the rock icon, the picture belonged to the 1991 VMAs. In the photo, they really look like a real couple.

Jon Bon Jovi’s Instagram post read:

“A lot of hairsprays and a lot of fun. A throwback to the 1991 VMAs with Cindy Crawford in honor of the VMAs tonight.”

However, this was not the first time the musician posted a photo with Cindy Crawford on his Instagram. He had also posted a short video from the music video of ‘Please Come Home For Christmas,’ in which he and Crawford were quite close to each other. In fact, this video was the source of the rumors. 

In 1960, ‘Please Come Home For Christmas’ was a song created by the blues singer Charles Brown. Since its release, numerous artists have covered the song, including The Eagles and Bon Jovi. Moreover, Jon Bon Jovi released his cover in the 1992 holiday album ‘A Very Special Christmas 2.’ In 1994, the band Jovi released the same track as a single. The single’s cover photo featured Cindy Crawford and the musician in a very sensual pose. 

The 1994 music video of ‘Please Come Home For Christmas’ portrayed Jon Bon Jovi and Cindy Crawford as lovers. In the music video, the pair shared really intimate moments, such as kissing in front of a Christmas tree. Following that, the fans could not help but speculate about a possible affair between the two. However, both Cindy Crawford and Jon Bon Jovi were married at that time.

The fans did not know that in fact, Bon Jovi’s wife Dorothea Hurley was present on the set of the music video. Moreover, she was pregnant with their son Jesse back in those days. Hurley became friends with Crawford right after the two got to know each other, and they have remained friends ever since. So, Jon Bon Jovi and Cindy Crawford only had a professional relationship.

Below, you can check out Jon Bon Jovi’s Instagram post and the music video of ‘Please Come Home For Christmas.’

Photo Credit: Jon Bon Jovi – Instagram