Prince Remained True To Himself In Front Of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama Recalls

Former First Lady Michelle Obama graced The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, sharing memories from her time at the White House and the remarkable people she and former President Barack Obama encountered during their service. From welcoming world leaders to hosting distinguished artists, the Obamas have had numerous opportunities to meet influential figures throughout their tenure. One such figure, who made a lasting impression on the former First Lady, was the iconic musician Prince.

Michelle expressed her excitement when discussing her encounters with legendary artists Stevie Wonder and Prince. She fondly recalled the time Prince performed at the White House, just months before his untimely passing. Even when meeting Barack Obama, the former First Lady revealed that Prince remained true to himself, showing no inclination to change his demeanor or attitude. It was evident that Michelle Obama admired the musician for his unwavering authenticity.

In addition to her delightful anecdotes, Michelle Obama discussed her recent book, ‘The Light We Carry,’ which has swiftly become a New York Times Best Seller. The memoir delves into the experiences and wisdom she’s gained from her years in public service and her journey as a mother, wife, and prominent figure in American history.

Michelle Obama’s words about meeting Prince read:

“I mean, you just imagine the people that we met. Stevie? You know, when I first met Stevie Wonder? I mean, I was just like, ‘Stevie!’ I fangirled out. You know, Prince, I mean, Prince played at the White House months before he passed, actually. It was just, yeah. He appears. He’s in the Blue Room, standing in front of President Obama, and he’s just like, ‘Yo.’ Still right here. So, yes, I fangirl out all the time.”

Her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon offered a captivating glimpse into the lives of the Obamas and the extraordinary individuals they’ve encountered. Michelle’s anecdotes, particularly about Prince’s unyielding authenticity, inspire us all to stay true to ourselves, regardless of the situations we may find ourselves in.