The Tragic Details Of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Final Day

Stevie Ray Vaughan left a notable imprint on the rock world with his musical talents during his seven-year-long career. The well-respected singer associated with blues had a short tenure, but the singer became an icon and an inspiration for many people.

He worked with many renowned names, including Eric Clapton. Vaughan revived blues rock and paved the way for many other artists like John Mayer, Mike McCready, and more. The music industry lost a great name in 1990, but his legacy is keeping him alive, containing six studio albums even more than three decades after his death.

Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Last Performance Was Epic

His final concert took place on August 26, 1990, and according to fans and the videotape from that day, it was one of his best performances. He was only 35 years old when he played on that show, and the musician showed his talents entirely onstage. Eric Clapton, Robert Cray, and Buddy Guy accompanied him on the stage, and he had looked up to them throughout his childhood.

The last song he sang was ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ featuring the iconic names, including Eric Clapton and his band, and the song stretched out to 17 minutes, covering at least four songs on other performances. As if he foreshadowed his end, the singer made a grand exit from the stage and the world.

How Did Stevie Ray Vaughan Die?

On August 27, 1990, Vaughan rode on the helicopter that was due to take him and his crew to the Midway International Airport. It was the most common way for performers to exit the Alpine Valley Music Theatre. After the helicopter took off, it crashed, and all the five men in the chopper died instantly, including Vaughan.

The musician’s fans and family were upset, but Eric Clapton, who had just performed with him, was even more in a shock. Furthermore, Clapton didn’t use the helicopter, but he had the opportunity to embark. However, because he didn’t, he remained alive to this day.

You can watch Vaughan’s final ‘Sweet Home Chicago’ performance below.