Primus’ Les Claypool Thinks Rush And Geddy Lee Fans Are In An ‘Exclusive Club’

In a recent interview with Bass Player, Primus’s Les Claypool named seven bassists who shaped his sound. The name that topped the list was none other than Rush’s Geddy Lee. He said:

“Geddy was my first superhero. He just did things that were a real kick in the ass on bass. But Geddy was a very melodic player, and his tone was always so amazing.”

Les also shared that Rush fans like himself are part of an ‘exclusive club’ and added:

“For a young man like me, the music of Rush was very enticing because it was unlike anything else. And honestly, Rush fans were unique people, and we still are. It’s almost like being a Trekkie. It’s like this exclusive club, and before they got big, there was a cult element to the whole thing. But beyond that, Geddy’s tonality, melodic sense, and overall power were all very enticing to me.”

It’s no wonder Les picked Geddy as his first inspiration for his sound since Primus toured the US playing the Rush album ‘A Farewell To Kings’ in its entirety on their ‘A Tribute To Kings Tour.’

When they asked Lee in a 2022 interview what he thought about Claypool as a bassist and about the tour, it turned out that the feelings were mutual. Lee said:

“Les has a unique rhythmic sensibility. I find his playing to be an amalgam of various styles: he can slap, twang, or run up and down the neck like a jazz player. His tone is original, deep, and true, and he’s developed a style that is deliciously eccentric.

I was very complimented, of course, and then I thought he was a little bit nuts, but by all accounts, it’s quite an impressive performance and a real tribute, performed by an awesome band.”

You can listen to the original album below.