Justin Hawkins Calls Lars Ulrich A ‘True Legend’ In Response To Criticism

In a recent video of Justin Hawkins Rides Again, the Darkness singer Justin Hawkins stated that he disagrees with those criticizing Lars Ulrich‘s drumming talents and stressed that he has one of the most recognizable styles in the metal scene.

It is almost impossible for musicians to avoid being criticized, even if they are members of prominent bands, as not all styles and sounds appeal to everyone. Metallica’s long-term drummer Lars Ulrich has also faced criticism throughout his career. While some label him a bad drummer due to his ‘simplistic style,’ others argue that Ulrich’s drumming is rhythmic.

Some describe his drumming as ‘all over the place,’ packed with inconsistent fills, but there are also those who claim that Lars’ playing style fits Metallica’s sound, and he is doing precisely what the band needs. In a new video, Justin Hawkins responded to these criticisms and shared his opinion. The singer completely disagreed with the comments about Ulrich’s ‘all over the place’ drumming.

Hawkins said he believes that Lars has good timekeeping, and his fills are usually harmonious with the band’s tempo. The rocker described the drummer as a ‘true legend,’ who has done a fantastic job in each Metallica record. The singer stressed that he is a fan of Ulrich’s work and thinks he has an easily distinguishable style, making him unique in the metal scene.

Justin Hawkins’ statements on Lars Ulrich:

“A lot of people slag Lars off, don’t they? They’re always sort of saying that he is all over the place, and the question is timekeeping and his ability to remember fills and stuff. I actually think he is a legend, a true legend. You can more or less listen to anything that Metallica has ever recorded with Lars Ulrich and sing along to the fills themselves. He plays iconic stuff; he really does. I think he’s one of the most recognizable metal drummers there’s ever been. I absolutely love him.”

You can watch the entire video below.