The Time Eric Clapton Achieved Success Without A Guitar Solo


Eric Clapton was a part of bands considered pioneers of the rock scene like Cream, Blind Faith, The Yardbirds, Derek & The Dominos, and John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers. Apart from playing with these bands, many factors in Clapton’s acclaimed guitar playing made him one of the most significant and influential guitarists of all time.

The features that distinguish him from other guitarists are his timbre, speed, attitude, stage presence while playing, and most importantly, his comfort in transitioning to different genres. These qualities make the guitarist popular among many musicians and make him unforgettable in the industry. Though he has many iconic solos in his songs, Clapton had a hit song that didn’t even need a guitar solo to stand out in his catalog.

Eric Clapton’s Hit Song Didn’t Have A Guitar Solo


Eric Clapton has had a very successful solo career. However, the only number one song on the Hot 100 he could record was a cover of ‘I Shot The Sheriff.’ Bob Marley and The Wailers recorded the original song, which had a reggae sound. The underlying message was justice and equality. However, the initial release didn’t perform as well as Clapton’s song cover.

Clapton interpreted the song on his 1974 album ‘461 Ocean Boulevard.’ The cover also had a reggae rhythm, but what gave the song his touch was the distinctive addition of an organ and a guitar that gave it a rock feel. The musician was known for his unique playing methods, from fingerpicking to blues, and rock-influenced depth made him stand out.

So the fact that Clapton didn’t even have a guitar solo in the making of the song made his version even more popular as he was known for this skill. His cover performance even got him into the Grammy Hall of Fame. The song’s success turned even more heads as he was able to top the charts without a guitar solo.

You can listen to Eric Clapton’s ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ below.