Red Hot Chili Peppers Release New Song From Upcoming Album ‘Unlimited Love’

Red Hot Chili Peppers recently announced on their official Instagram account the release of the first song from their new album along with the long-awaited record’s name. The band members also shared their ideas and feelings about the album saying that they worked so hard to reflect ‘their view of the universe’ and ‘love for each other.’

RHCP gave almost a five-year break before working on a new album after releasing their eleventh studio album entitled ‘The Getaway’ on June 17, 2016. It was the last album featuring guitarist Josh Klinghoffer, who replaced John Frusciante following his second departure from the band to focus on his solo career in 2009. Frusciante revealed that he reunited with Red Hot Chili Peppers three years after the latest album.

Then, the RHCP members announced to their fans that they had started writing, composing, and recording for their upcoming album, which will be the guitarist’s first album after more than fifteen years. The band continued to make their fans very happy and excited by hinting at their new music, especially Frusciante’s guitar parts, but they hadn”t given any further details until now.

In their latest IG post, Red Hot Chili Peppers revealed that they want to connect people worldwide with their music and highlighted that they are ready to surf with the biggest waves. In addition, they dropped the first song, ‘Black Summer,’ from their new album named ‘Unlimited Love,’ and Frusciante added that they started playing classic songs from Johnny ‘Guitar’ Watson, The Kinks, and The New York Dolls before focusing on their own materials.

The band’s IG post read:

“Our only goal is to get lost in the music. We spent thousands of hours, collectively and individually, honing our craft and showing up for one another, to make the best album we could. Our antennae attuned to the divine cosmos, we were just so damn grateful for the opportunity to be in a room together, and, once again, try to get better. Days, weeks, and months spent listening to each other, composing, jamming freely, and arranging the fruit of those jams with great care and purpose. The sounds, rhythms, vibrations, words, and melodies had us enrapt.

We yearn to shine a light in the world, to uplift, connect, and bring people together. Each of the songs on our new album ‘Unlimited Love’ is a facet of us, reflecting our view of the universe. This is our life’s mission. We work, focus, and prepare so that when the biggest wave comes, we are ready to ride it. The ocean has gifted us a mighty wave and this record is the ride that is the sum of our lives. Thank you for listening, we hope you enjoy it. – John, Anthony, Chad, and Flea.”

John Frusciante added:

“When we got together to start writing material, we began by playing old songs by people like Johnny’ Guitar’ Watson, The Kinks, The New York Dolls, Richard Barrett and others. Ever so gradually, we started bringing in new ideas and turning jams into songs, and after a couple of months, the new stuff was all we were playing. The feeling of effortless fun we had when we were playing songs by other people, stayed with us the whole time we were writing. For me, this record represents our love for and faith in each other.”

You can listen to the song below.