The Time Billie Joe Armstrong Branded One Of His Friends

Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong fits the rock star stereotype quite well but isn’t necessarily known for destroying hotel rooms or pulling dangerous pranks on friends. However, he’s still a controversial figure and has attracted a lot of attention after several incidents, such as when he dropkicked a fan or had a nervous breakdown during a show.

Apparently, Armstrong’s crazy actions also apply to his inner circle, and there’s a video to prove how far the musician can go. Let’s travel back in time to see one of the most unexpected ideas the rocker came up with and how one of his friends allowed him to brand somebody.

Billie Joe Armstrong Branded His Friend’s Bottom

Blink-182 invited a lesser-known band named Kut U Up to their ‘Pop Disaster Tour’ in the summer of 2002. The band decided to bring cameras to their van to record their experience on the road, which resulted in the 2003 documentary named ‘Riding In Van With Boys: The Documentary.’

The documentary featured guest appearances from many bands, including Green Day. There’s a special footage in which Billie Joe Armstrong comes up with a brilliant idea to brand one of his friends. While everyone refused to partake since it could potentially injure their skin, one of his friends agreed.

Billie Joe Armstrong asked his friend Chris Cote, who is known for being an action sports expert, to brand him. As expected, Cote initially refused the offer but was eventually persuaded by the rocker. Armstrong and his friends started heating up the brand and stamped Cote’s butt with it.

Cote started running in pain as the searing-hot brand caused second-degree burns. Although he was the one who came up with the idea, Armstrong ultimately felt bad for hurting his friend and said he was sorry while Cote was receiving treatment. In fact, the musician even rubbed ointment on his friend’s scars as consolation.

You can watch those moments below.