Wolf Hoffmann Confirms Accept 50th Anniversary Plans

Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann has confirmed some plans for the band’s 50th anniversary.

During a chat with A Ilha Do Metal, the rocker was asked if they have any coming plans for the band’s 50th anniversary. While he said he didn’t have anything certain on mind, Hoffmann also clarified that fans have been asking them to do something. He then added:

“I have no answer yet, but I know something will have to happen.”

The guitarist also revealed what he and the rest of the band are focused on instead:

“But right now I’m focused on the new album, ‘Humanoid’, on the ‘Humanoid’ tour, and that’s what we wanna promote, obviously. Because this is a great album. I think fans will really enjoy it, once they get to hear everything. Right now, we only have two singles out and the response is phenomenal. And we have two videos, and there’s a third video coming.”

Another Anniversary Celebration?

The band’s currently focused on their upcoming album, ‘Humanoid.’ The album will be their first since the 2021 album ‘Too Mean To Die.’

Just like he was asked about an anniversary in this interview, he was also asked if Accept would consider celebrating the 40th anniversary of their classic album, ‘Balls To The Walls.’ During the interview with Made In Metal last year, he explained that they would have to make a decision and an anniversary wasn’t an option:

“We’ve always stayed away from it in the past because we’ve always been so busy with working a current album or a new album. Five minutes ago [in this interview] you asked me about a new album, and now you ask me about anniversary. So I can’t do both. I have to [make] a decision. And usually we’ve gone with, ‘Hey, let’s make a new album. It’s time for a new album.’ And then we tour this album. So there’s never been enough time to do all these anniversary tours so far. But that doesn’t mean we won’t do ’em one day.”

You can watch the recent interview below.