The Time Anthony Kiedis Almost Lost His Life In A Car Accident

Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer Anthony Kiedis has built a reputation with the countless wild experiences he had throughout his life, starting from a young age. The reason behind his unbelievable stories was mainly his late father, who was a famous drug dealer of the rock scene, but Anthony also made his own bed quite a few times.

Let’s travel back in time to see how the rocker almost lost his life in a car accident while driving under the influence, as he revealed in his successful autobiography, ‘Scar Tissue,’ published on October 1, 2004. You will be surprised to hear the miraculous story of how a lucky series of events saved the musician.

Anthony Kiedis’ Memoir Is Filled With Crazy Stories

The stories in his memoir, ‘Scar Tissue‘ lived up to Anthony Kiedis’ reputation as a crazy rock star. While the list is incredibly long, we have a few examples that will give you a taste of the book. The vast majority of his stories include his father as well, since his dad wasn’t a regular one.

Kiedis’ first experiences were encouraged by his father, including his sexual ones. In fact, the future rockstar’s first sexual intercourse was with his father’s girlfriend. You may be surprised, but that’s not the only thing the musician was introduced to by his father, as Kiedis experimented with drugs and even smuggled them at the age of 12.

His father wasn’t the only star in the book since the RHCP icon has many stories that would amaze you. For instance, he got lost in the jungle for a week and ran out of food, resulting in his hospitalization when he eventually managed to return to his Los Angeles home.

His love life was also an interesting one to look at as Anthony Kiedis actually caused an unintentional manhunt when he slept with an underage girl who happened to be the daughter of a chief of police. While everything about that story is wrong, the musician managed to avoid getting in trouble.

Anthony Kiedis Hit A Tree While Driving

While each of these stories is tragically hilarious, potentially dangerous, and unethical in so many ways, none of them endangered the musician’s life. However, there was one experience Anthony Kiedis mentioned in his book that directly threatened his life. 

According to ‘Scar Tissue,’ Kiedis went to Michigan to visit his family in 1984. However, what started as a normal day for him turned into a disaster. The musician blacked out while hitting the gas pedal as he was driving home from a bar with his mother’s car.

As a result, the musician hit a tree after the car veered across the road. Fortunately, a paramedic lived nearby and had an ambulance parked in his driveway. After the paramedic heard the accident, he rushed to the scene to rescue the person who was in that car.

Soon after, the paramedic was accompanied by the fire department, and the team found Anthony Kiedis, who had his entire head split open. The musician didn’t realize until that moment why the paramedics were asking him questions, but he later understood that they were trying to see if he had brain damage.

In his book, Kiedis penned:

“The paramedics were hovering over me, asking me who the president was. I answered each question perfectly, though I couldn’t understand why they were testing me for brain damage. I didn’t realize that my entire head had split wide open, and I resembled a plate of spaghetti and meatballs.”

Obviously, the Red Hot Chili Peppers singer was fortunate enough to have somebody who could save him close the scene. If the paramedic weren’t there, the story would have been different as he could have suffered from a severe injury or worse. Thanks to a paramedic, the world didn’t lose another rock star to a tragic event.