The Story Of How Anthony Kiedis Almost Starved To Death In A Jungle


1992 was a hard year for Red Hot Chili Peppers. During their ‘Blood Sugar Sex Magik Tour,’ John Frusciante quit the band, leaving his bandmates without a guitarist for a while. The band members were hurt, and they had to replace him with Arik Marshall to continue the tour.

In his autobiography ‘Scar Tissue,’ Anthony Kiedis recalled when he went to an island with his friends in 1992, right after the stressful tour. Going on this trip was exactly what he needed after the challenging times and disputes between the band members during the tour.

However, as it turns out, this trip was far from relaxing and didn’t actually help him get over the challenging days he’d left behind. In ‘Scar Tissue’ he talked about his mostly negative experiences and revealed the health issues he had during that time. 

What Happened To Anthony Kiedis On The 1992 Island Trip?


Kiedis started entailing his horrible experience by saying that they found a roach in his ear canal and described the sounds he heard while the insect was in his ear. When he and his friends saw the roach crawling out, they got extremely scared.

Kiedis talked about the roach in his biography, stating:

“Everyone got brutally ill. At night, we would sleep in these incredibly uncomfortable, wet, seething-with-jungle-life conditions. The first night in the jungle, we weren’t using our mosquito netting, and I woke up with this incredibly painful buzzing and humming inside my brain.

I woke up Hank and said, ‘Please, look in my ear, my head is vibrating, and I’m going insane.’ He’s got this flashlight, and he’s looking in my ear: ‘No, I see nothing, I see nothing.’ And then he drops the flashlight and screams, and I feel this animal crawl out of my ear. He said it looked like an oversize jungle roach that had somehow collapsed its body and worked its way into my ear canal and gotten stuck.”

Not only that, but on the same trip, he mentioned that they got lost in the jungle for a week and ran out of food. As if these unpleasant experiences were not enough, when Kiedis returned to Los Angeles, he was also diagnosed with dengue fever and was hospitalized for a week.

Here is how he detailed his tough experiences:

“So I wasn’t having the greatest time. And halfway through, we got lost in these mountains in the middle of Borneo. And when you’re a white guy from California, and you’ve run out of food, and you can’t fluidly communicate with your guides, it becomes a source of concern… We were lost for a week. I finally get back to L.A., and it turns out that I’m stricken with dengue fever. It’s a very rare fever – like a distant cousin of malaria – and I had to go into the hospital for a week.”

After going through a stressful time with his band during the tour, Kiedis had an even more stressful time on the island with his friends. He had gone to the island to help his artist friend get inspired by the rainforest. However, they ironically got to experience the original rainforest life by spotting a roach in Kiedis’ ear canal, getting lost, and catching a fever.