Mick Ranson Was An Essential Part Of David Bowie’s Success, His Ex-Producer Says

In a recent interview with Guitar World, ex-producer Ken Scott shared his thoughts about guitarist Mick Ranson’s positive impact on David Bowie’s success and stage persona.

Ex-producer Ken Scott worked with David Bowie, either as the engineer or as his producer for most of his albums. The first album he produced for Bowie was ‘Hunky Dory’ in 1971 which led them to continue working together for another four albums, including ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars.’

According to Scott, Bowie’s biggest luck in terms of the people in his band was his guitarist Mick Ranson. Ranson added to the songs what they needed, whether it be the riffs or the solos, and more often than not, the track would be ready to go after his touch. Besides his efficiency in supporting Bowie’s sound, the guitarist complemented Bowie on stage with his looks.

Ken Scott, who had worked on Mick Ranson and David Bowie’s most memorable albums, shared his two scents on Ranson’s effect on Bowie’s success. Scott shared that Ranson didn’t receive the credit he deserved for what he brought to Bowie’s career.

Even though Bowie would have been successful without the guitarist’s support, Mick Ranson still significantly contributed to Bowie’s sound and played his part on stage very well. Scott added that although Ranson was initially hesitant about the costumes and makeup, he eventually realized that his stage persona didn’t affect his relationship with women.

Producer Ken Scott’s words about Mick Ranson’s role in David Bowie’s success:

“I think he was very underrated. He was exceedingly important to David’s success. David was so talented that he would’ve made it no matter what, but Ronno was an essential part of David’s recorded sound, and, of course, he looked great on stage with David. Ronno was initially a bit scared of the glam look and the makeup at the beginning, but eventually, he came around to it when he realized it didn’t stop him from getting women.”

You can listen to ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’ album below.