Doug Aldrich Reflects On His Failed KISS Audition

The Dead Daisies guitarist Doug Aldrich recently joined Hardline Magazine’s Jörg Reiche for an interview and recalled his failed audition for KISS.

KISS’ original guitarist Ace Frehley decided to part ways with KISS in 1982 after a career full of success. His main reason for leaving was his frustration and creative differences with the other band members. However, Frehley later added that his exhaustion from their busy touring schedule was another reason he wanted to take a break.

After Ace Frehley’s departure, KISS decided to look for a new guitarist to fill in for him. They auditioned several musicians, such as Punky Meadows, Richie Sambora, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Doug Aldrich. Ultimately, KISS settled on Vinnie Vincent and continued with him until the ‘Lick It Up’ tour.

In an interview with Hardline Magazine’s Jörg Reiche, which was recently released on the Rock Bottom YouTube channel, Doug Aldrich recalled when he auditioned for KISS. Aldrich stated that he was just 18 at that time, and he entered the studio and played live with the band.

According to Aldrich, he was a kid back then, but KISS members were already globally famous rock stars. So, auditioning for them was a funny experience, but it gave him enough confidence to think he was on the right path. Besides, Aldrich also argued that his luck turned after the KISS audition.

During the conversation, Doug Aldrich said the following about his KISS audition:

I was just 18 at the time. They had me come in to audition in several different ways. I went into the studio with them, and they had me come and play live with them.

But, I mean, I was just a kid. These guys were world-renowned rock stars, already world famous. It was a little funny, but I think what it did was that it really gave me confidence that I was doing something right. So, I’ve been very lucky since.”

You can watch the interview below.