Dave Sabo Declines Mind-blowing Offer For Sebastian Bach Reunion

Dave Sabo turned down a reunion with Sebastian Bach despite a generous offer.

In a recent chat with The Hook Rocks podcast, the guitarist said the band hasn’t targeted a new singer after Erik Grönwall left. He praised Lzzy Hale for raising the bar when she filled in. Sabo also mentioned that the band is open to both male and female singers. When asked if his thoughts on a reunion with Bach had changed, Snake stated:

“Well, the answer has been the same for — I don’t know — 20,000 years now. It’s not gonna happen. And I say the same thing every time. I’m thankful that people have such an interest in wanting to see that happen, but I also have to reiterate that this is about being happy in the situation that you’re in. So I’ll speak for myself personally.”

Dave Just Wants To Focus On Music

Later in the interview, Sabo explained that he, Scotti Hill, and Rachel Bolan all agree they don’t want to reunite with Bach. They prefer to stay happy with the current band lineup. He clarified that it’s not about ego or money, and added:

“We’ve been just ripped apart by ex-members of the band and stuff — ripped apart. Some really sh*tty stuff [has been] said about all of us. And we just choose not to [respond]. It’s not who I am. It’s not who we are. We won’t go down that road. We just wanna play music and be happy.”

The musician revealed they received lucrative offers for a reunion with Sebastian:

“This has really never been about a monetary aspect of things because it’s known that we’ve been offered a good amount of money to do shows together and to reunite [with Sebastian] and whatever, but it’s just never been about the money, man.”

Dave wants to keep his happiness:

“I choose my happiness, my willingness to continue to be a really good friend to my best friends and a really good husband and a really good dad and bandmate and person. And I don’t wanna endanger that in any way. So the people that we choose to play with, those choices are made in order to keep those particular things in line for all of us.”

Bach Thinks Differently Than Sabo

On the other hand, Bach still sees a reunion with Skid Row as a possibility. The vocalist spoke with Eddie Trunk earlier this month and told the following about it:

“I can just tell the world that there’s a good chance that’ll happen because there’s no f*cking reason not to. Because right now why it hasn’t happened is a miscommunication. That’s all I can say. There’s a miscommunication.”

The rocker also said he dreams of a peaceful reunion but often has nightmares about forgetting important gear and feeling unprepared. Grönwall left the band in March. He had been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia in March 2021. His weakened immune system has made touring hard. Lzzy Hale is now fronting the band for the rest of their shows.

You can listen to Snake’s full interview below.