Nikki Sixx Says The Time Is The Enemy Of His Creativity

Mötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx made a recent appearance on Radio Bob for an interview. During the show, he talked about the projects he has been working on and said time is his biggest challenge.

Mostly known for his musical efforts in Mötley Crüe, Nikki Sixx also focused on his other side projects and worked with other musicians. Back in 2000, he formed the band 58, while in 2002, he formed the supergroup Brides Of Destruction. In 2006, Sixx also formed a side band named Sixx:A.M along with James Michael and DJ Ashba. Apart from Sixx:A.M, the bassist is currently a member of L.A. Rats, a supergroup he formed with Rob Zombie, John 5, and Tommy Clufetos in 2021.

Recently, Nikki Sixx published his new memoir titled ‘The First 21: How I Became Nikki Sixx’ on October 19. Throughout the book, the musician reflected on his childhood recollections and his career path towards being a metal icon. After the book was published, Sixx:A.M released an album named ‘Hits’ on October 22 to promote the memoir. Besides, they also released a music video for the song ‘The First 21’ which includes some unseen footage from Sixx’s childhood.

Nikki Sixx has been quite busy working on various projects outside Mötley Crüe. Talking about his other interests, Nikki Sixx told Radio Bob in a recent interview that time is his biggest enemy as he wants to do so many things at the same time. He then said although he has a great number of other ventures, Mötley Crüe is always his priority. Following that, the bassist stated what he does in Sixx:A.M. is quite different than Mötley Crüe which excites him very much.

Sixx also revealed that he signed a deal with a director to form an animation company to create animation programming for kids. Moreover, the musician talked about a children’s book he has been working on. According to Nikki, the book is for parents to read the children to teach them about diversity, and differences around culture, food, and language. Before finishing his words, Nikki Sixx noted again that time is his enemy for sure.

Nikki Sixx told Radio Bob in the interview that:

“Time is the biggest enemy. I like to write books, write songs, and have different projects whether it’s L. A Rats, Brides Of Destruction, 58, or Sixx:A.M. So now, we’re at this point where we have a ‘Hits’ record. And we have this thing in front of us called Mötley Crüe, that’s a priority always. Starting next year, we’re hoping for 23.2 in the rest of the world. Where does Sixx:A.M fit into that as far as touring? Probably not.

So, right now, I think this is a nice button, and then we’ll just see where it goes in the future. I love riding with James and DJ Ashba. I get to do something different in Sixx:A.M than I do in Mötley Crüe, which is really exciting. Yet, at the same time, I find a lot of Mötley Crüe fans do like Sixx:A.M and Sixx:A.M fans like Mötley. So, in a weird way, it’s kind of like a new band like I’m in the new band category, but I’m in the classic rock category. So, I don’t know where it goes.

I do know that I have a couple of projects that I’ve got in the works. I signed a deal with a really big director, I was forming an animation company to create animation programming for kids that involves original music. I’ve already talked to a bunch of cats in the industry and said ‘Hey, this is what I’m doing.’ And they’re like ‘Just call me if you need a song.’ All these people were like this is so different than what I do. So, if you need a song called ‘Bubble Gum,’ I’m going to call my friend A and my friend B and say ‘Let’s zoom in and write the song,’ and bam, it slides into the show.

Then, I’m working on a children’s book with my wife for parents to read the kids about diversity and mostly around the last administration. It really bothered me how everybody’s so divided, so I figure reading to children is a way to teach them about culture, food, language, differences, and how that isn’t a real issue. So, it’s that, then a bunch of new music percolating around and a tour. Time is the enemy, time is the damn enemy.

You can watch the interview down below.