Jon Bon Jovi Cancels Miami Show Due To His Covid Diagnosis

Bon Jovi frontman Jon Bon Jovi had to cancel his concert in Miami on October 30 after he tested positive for COVID-19. He left the stage while his band stood there and performed for the audience without Jon.

It has been a while now that the concerts, shows, and crowded entertainment areas are open again. Even though there isn’t a major fall on the COVID cases, thanks to the vaccine, threat of death or people in the intensive care unit have decreased immensely. Even though people can still get COVID and spread the virus widely, the vaccination allows people to experience the disease lightly according to the official reports.

Jon Bon Jovi was also vaccinated and ready for his show a day before Halloween. However, he got tested for COVID-19 on the same day and had a positive result. While the band went on stage and performed, Jon was going home to rest. A man from his crew went up to the stage to make the announcement who also drove the iconic frontman home.

The announcer stated that the singer was doing fine because he was vaccinated and will be resting in bed for a while. There hasn’t been an official announcement from Jon or the band over social media. The band members are known to have tested negative for the virus as they continued to perform after Jon left the stage.

Considering the fact that Bon Jovi is 59 years old, it would have been concerning for his loved ones if he hadn’t taken the vaccine. The band doesn’t have any more dates scheduled for 2021, so, the frontman won’t be missing much of his performances. An explanation and an update on Jon’s condition are awaited by the fans and the press.