Glenn Hughes Recalls The Deep Purple Song Ritchie Blackmore Played Exclusively For Him

The Dead Daisies’ Glenn Hughes recently joined Hardline Magazine’s Jörg Reiche for an interview and remembered when Ritchie Blackmore played a Deep Purple song just for him.

Glenn Hughes became Deep Purple’s bassist and co-vocalist in 1973, but his tenure with the band lasted only three years. Even though he joined the band as Roger Glover’s replacement, Glenn perceived himself as a vocalist, which was encouraged by the band. Initially, he thought he would share the vocals with Paul Rodgers, but he was accompanied by David Coverdale in the following two Deep Purple albums.

In a recent interview with Hardline Magazine’s Jörg Reiche on the Rock Bottom YouTube channel, Glenn Hughes recalled an incident that took place before David Coverdale’s addition. Hughes stated that Ritchie Blackmore invited him to his house in 1973 and played him ‘Mistreated’ while the two were together.

‘Mistreated’ later appeared in Deep Purple’s first music effort with David Coverdale, the 1974 album titled ‘Burn.’ Although Blackmore composed the song in 1972, David Coverdale wrote its lyrics, and the song was then added to the album. During live shows, Glenn Hughes would introduce this song as a piece Ritchie wrote two years before ‘Burn’s release.

According to Hughes, he and Blackmore were in the kitchen, and Blackmore started playing ‘Mistreated’s riff to him. When he listened to it, the bassist thought this would be agreat song for a great album.’ Later, ‘Mistreated’ became a cult song in Deep Purple’s fanbase, but it was also appreciated by the Dead Daisies fans, as they also covered the song.

During the conversation, Glenn Hughes said the following:

“I have to tell you a story. When I joined Deep Purple before David joined, Richie Blackmore took me to his house in the summer of 1973, and he played me only one idea, and that song was ‘Mistreated.’

I was in his kitchen, we were both playing guitars, and Richie started playing that riff from ‘Mistreated.’ I said, ‘Oh my God, I think this is going to be a great song for a great album.’ That’s an important song for Deep Purple fans, and the Dead Daisies fans love that version of the song that we do. So, I’m glad to sing it.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.