Marc Storace Addresses Krokus’ Feud With Dee Snider

During a recent conversation with the Metal Voice, Marc Storace reflected on Krokus’ infamous feud with Dee Snider and his wife Suzette and told his side of the story by revealing how Snider got his revenge and cost him a gig.

Krokus is a hard rock and heavy metal band from Switzerland. Although formed in 1975, their rise to popularity came around the beginning of the ’80s, which coincided with Twisted Sister’s mainstream success. Thus, the bands knew about each other, and there were instances when their paths crossed.

While Dee Snider was rocking the stages with Twisted Sister, his wife Suzette was responsible for the band’s stage outfits and makeups. Her work was widely appreciated, and it also attracted other bands’ attention. In 1982, Krokus approached Suzette and asked her to design some stage outfits for their band’s US Tour. She gladly agreed, and Dee was happy to see his partner’s talents appreciated.

Nonetheless, when Krokus received the products, the band members were underwhelmed and felt like the stage outfits did not correspond to what they had agreed, and they burned the clothes. Then, they refused to pay Suzette, and Dee Snider later claimed they threatened her. In his memoir, ‘Shut Up And Give Me The Mic,’ Snider referred to Krokus as Crapus and said, ‘These guys ripped off and threatened my wife. You have no idea how close you were to landing in the bottom of a lake.’

This feud has been getting reignited over the years, and although Krokus members came forward to apologize to Dee in 2017 as well, it seems like the issue was not resolved. During a recent interview with the Metal Voice, Krokus frontman reflected on this incident and expressed how it has affected him, although he was not in the room when it occurred. Marc Storace recalled the Rock Meets Classic tour he was doing seven years ago, during which he found out that Dee Snider would headline as well.

While Storace was looking forward to meeting Dee and finally resolving this issue, he soon found out that Snider had given an ultimatum saying they have to pick either him or Storace to get on the stage. Ultimately, Marc Storace was kicked off, which was highly upsetting for him. He then said that he thinks it’s unreasonable to continue this feud and called out to Snider, saying they should have a conversation and leave this incident in the past as they have all grown up and matured, and there is no reason to hold a grudge.

Here’s how Storace described the terms that they are currently on:

“I’ve always made my peace. In fact, I was on this tour, ‘Rock Meets Classic’, with other well-known musicians like Ian Gillan and John Wetton, these big guys, and at the end of that tour, we were supposed to play one concert in Wacken Germany with this whole orchestra, the band, and everything. And I was thrown off because Dee Snider came in to headline, and he said, ‘I won’t do it if Storace is not thrown off.’ And I felt, ‘What a motherf*cker.’

Actually, I was looking forward to asking Dee if we could go to the side and have a beer so I could maybe apologize and say, ‘Hey, let’s bury the hatchet. It’s not worth it. It’s a few hundred dollars’ worth of clothes, which your wife made, whatever, we didn’t accept. We didn’t like those clothes — sorry — stage clothes.’ And it’s as simple as that. I don’t know what had happened — I was not in the room when this thing happened — so I don’t know if there were any dirty words spoken or attitude in which things were said. But I don’t think it’s worth going to the grave carrying a burden like that.”

When asked whether he would want to say something to Dee Snider now, Storace said the following:

“Hey, Dee. I’m looking forward to meet you, not to get into big arguments. We know the whole story, but I think now we’re mature. We look forward. You love your wife; I love mine. And let’s just sit down and… I don’t know. Move on. In life, you wanna move on, leave all these negative burdens behind.”

You can listen to the entire interview below.