The Ringo Starr Song That Sparked A Beatles Reunion Gossip

There are countless reasons the Beatles were so important to music history. Although the band was short-lived, it left behind twelve very impactful studio albums and a unique legacy. Their arrival on the music scene triggered the musical revolution of the ’60s. They introduced a new and modern sound that differed from previous decades. The Beatles inspired many other artists since they radically changed music.

The Beatles also brought significant innovations to the music world. They revolutionized recording technology, moved the album covers to the next level, and were also pivotal in developing music videos. The Beatles set musical trends that still exist today. They never rested on constantly pushing the boundaries of music with their ceaseless inventiveness. However, the most influential band of the 20th century broke up in a relatively short period and shocked the entire music industry.

Why Did The Beatles Disband?

The reasons the Beatles broke up are as complex as the relationship between the band’s four members. In 1966, the band decided they needed a break after years of nonstop touring. They were pretty exhausted, so they wanted to spend some time apart. All four started to develop other interests during this time. Although they came together a short time later to produce new work, the relationships among the group members didn’t seem to get any better.

The sudden tragic death of their manager Brian Epstein is a contributing factor because he always handled the conflicts among them. The reasons for the breakup have been attributed to various events. Some blame John Lennon’s second wife, Yoko Ono, and her impact on Lennon, while others cite Paul McCartney’s controlling nature.

The band also faced creative differences during the final years of their career as a group. Whatever the problems were, they failed to solve them and ended their musical journey. Each went their way, but there was always an expectation for them to get back together. This possibility arose several times, even though it never came true. One of the incidents hinted at a possible reunion occurred when Ringo Starr recorded with the other band members.

Which Ringo Starr Song Caused A Speculation About A Possible Beatles Reunion?


Following the Beatles’ breakup, Ringo Starr continued to exist in the music scene as a solo artist. He had released two solo albums, ‘Sentimental Journey ‘ and ‘Beaucoups of Blues,’ right after the band’s split. His third studio album, ‘Ringo,’ dropped in November 1973. The album was an immediate critical and commercial success. It was highly praised for its numerous guest stars and starting a rumor about Starr’s former band.

John Lennon wrote one of the songs in Starr’s album named ‘I’m The Greatest.’ Ringo Starr entered the studio with his former bandmates, George Harrison and John Lennon, to record the opening track of the 1973 album, ‘Ringo.’ It marked the only time three former Beatles members recorded together following the band’s breakup. Thus, it heightened speculation in the press that the band might reunite.

The three former bandmates’ recording sessions and the release of this song caused speculation and raised the expectation of a possible Beatles reunion, yet it never happened. Still, some commentators consider ‘I’m the Greatest’ to be one of Starr’s signature tunes, and the track boosted the drummer’s solo career following the band’s split.

You can listen to ‘I’m The Greatest’ below.