Slash Says He Was ‘Admittedly Resentful’ Over Izzy Stradlin’s Departure From Guns N’ Roses


Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash recently joined an interview with Classic Rock, in which he admitted that he felt resentful over Izzy Stradlin’s departure from the band, especially his attitude towards the rest of the band.

The co-founder and rhythm guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, Izzy Stradlin, announced his departure from the band at the height of their fame in 1991. The band had just released the ‘Use Your Illusion’ albums, and although everything seemed to go well, Stradlin started to have problems with his bandmates and the band’s lifestyle. He had recently gotten sober, and the rock and roll lifestyle didn’t satisfy him anymore.

Stradlin was also uncomfortable with Axl Rose’s dictatorial attitude over the band. He assumed that being in the band would harm him, and thus, he decided to leave. Later on, the guitarist continued with his solo career and didn’t fully get back to the band except for his brief guest appearances. Izzy Stradlin was replaced by Gilby Clarke, who played on many shows on the ‘Use Your Illusion Tour’ and was featured on the band’s 1993 album, ‘The Spaghetti Incident.’

During the interview, Slash stated that Stradlin’s departure from the band was never a problem, and they were never judgmental over his decision, but he felt resentful over his changing attitude towards the rest of the band. Izzy said very harsh things about their wild lifestyle while he was leaving, which disturbed Slash at that point. The guitarist added that he couldn’t figure out this attitude and thinks that Stradlin didn’t behave appropriately while leaving.

Slash’s words on Izzy Stradlin’s departure from the band:

“At that time, the fact that he quit wasn’t an issue. There was no judgment about any of that. With Guns N’ Roses, it was basically just showing up and playing. I don’t think anybody judged anybody else on how they behaved outside of being able to show up and do the gig.

I was admittedly resentful of that whole trip with Izzy leaving because whatever had gone on for him that forced that sudden change, I was like, man, I died eighteen times prior to that! It didn’t faze me! But when he quit, he was looking at us going: ‘These guys are gonna f*cking die!’

My whole attitude was like: ‘I’ll get on with it. Don’t f*cking worry. I’ll manage.’ So there was a certain kind of resentment there – of not really understanding or appreciating where Izzy was coming from. In hindsight, I still sort of feel the same way, I guess, about that. Like, don’t worry about me. But it’s hard to really understand exactly what that was all about.”

After leaving the band, Izzy Stradlin made his first return to Guns N’ Roses in 1993 to play in five shows in Europe and the Middle East when his replacement, Gibby Clarke, broke his wrist. Later on, in 2006, he joined the band for 13 shows during their summer European tour. In 2012, he appeared on several shows but rejected reuniting with the band.