The KISS Album Peter Criss Described As A ‘Fiasco’

In 1972, Peter Criss joined KISS after Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley invited him for an audition. Later on, the band continued to rise to success along with Criss and Ace Frehley’s addition. Criss was the lead singer on several songs throughout KISS’ career, and he made a breakthrough as a songwriter with the hit ‘Beth.’

By the end of the KISS Dynasty Tour in December 1979, tensions between Criss and his bandmembers arose. Criss intentionally slowed down or stopped playing his drums during some concerts, and he was reluctant to show off his skills. The tour’s final show was the last time he performed with the band.

In 1980, Peter Criss departed the band due to creative differences. Following his departure, Frehley also left the band in 1982 due to the same reasons. In a 2010 interview with Julian Gill, Criss talked about his career in the band and revealed the KISS album that was a ‘fiasco.’

Peter Criss Claimed KISS’ ‘Psycho Circus’ Was Just A Fiasco

In April 1996, KISS announced a reunion tour with the band’s all four original members. 1996-97 Alive/Worldwide Tour turned out to be a huge success, and this led the reunited KISS to release a studio album in 1998 titled ‘Psycho Circus.’

Although it was the first record with the original KISS lineup since the band’s 1979 ‘Dynasty,’ Peter Criss and Ace Frehley’s musical contributions in ‘Psycho Circus’ were minimal. Their images are featured on the album prominently, but future KISS member Tommy Thayer and session musician Kevin Valentine handled most of their duties.

Peter Criss played drums only on the song ‘Into The Void,’ but he did have one lead vocal in the song ‘I Finally Found My Way’ and a co-vocal in ‘You Wanted The Best.’ In a 2010 interview with Julian Gill, Criss revealed that his ‘Hope’ was rejected from ‘Psycho Circus.’ He also submitted another song for the album that got rejected. Moreover, Criss then described the album in one word: a fiasco.

As reported by, KISSFAQ’s Julian Gill asked Peter Criss the following:

“Is it correct that ‘Hope’ was rejected from KISS’ ‘Psycho Circus?’

Criss answered:


Gill then asked:

“What other material did you submit for that album that was rejected?

Criss stated:

“Tommy and I wrote a song for ‘Psycho Circus.'”

Gill then told Criss:

“Sum up what ‘Psycho Circus’ means to you.”

In response to this, Criss said:

A fiasco!

It seems that due to the rejection of his material and his minimal contributions, Peter Criss believed that ‘Psycho Circus’ was a fiasco. On the other hand, Ace Frehley, who left KISS due to the same reasons as Criss, also stated one time that Gene Simmons’ 1978 solo effort was a mistake.