The Gene Simmons Song Ace Frehley Considered As A Terrible Mistake

Throughout KISS’ career, the band’s creative minds were mainly Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. However, Ace Frehley was also a significant contributing factor to the band’s songs with his songwriting. He wrote many tracks such as ‘Love Theme From KISS’ and ‘Cold Gin’ from KISS’ debut album. Over the following years, Frehley continued writing or co-writing several other songs.

In 1979, Frehley’s songwriting contributions started to increase. However, he wasn’t pleased with the musical direction of the band. So, his participation became limited, and he eventually decided to leave KISS as he was unhappy with the band’s then-current career path. As it seems, he thought something else was a mistake during the band’s career, one of Gene Simmons’ songs.

Why Did Ace Frehley Hate Gene Simmons’ ‘True Confessions?’

Back in 1978, KISS and their manager Aucoin decided on a strategy of releasing four solo albums from each member of KISS simultaneously. Each album was a solely solo effort, and they were all released and promoted as KISS albums, which was the first time such a thing happened in the rock music scene.

For KISS members, it was an opportunity to reveal their individual talents and music tastes. While Stanley and Frehley’s albums were similar to the band’s sound, Criss’ album had a more R&B style. On the other hand, Gene Simmons’ was the most different from the others. It featured hard rock songs, ballads, even a Beatles-influenced cover version of the Disney film Pinocchio’s ‘When You Wish Upon A Star.’

Moreover, Gene Simmons’ album also featured many collaborators, such as Joe Perry, Rick Nielsen, Donna Summer, Cher, and Helen Reddy. As it seems, Ace Frehley thought it wasn’t a good idea for Gene Simmons to feature collaborators, especially Helen Reddy, on his ‘solo’ album.

In his book ‘No Regrets,’ Ace Frehley stated that he listened to other band members’ thoughts and strategies while making those solo records. He then said that he couldn’t think of what Gene Simmons had in his mind when he decided to collaborate with numerous artists in his solo record, especially the song entitled ‘True Confessions,’ featuring Helen Reddy.

Ace Frehley penned about Gene Simmons’ solo record the following:

“I bear in mind listening to all these tales at the time about what the other men had been executing, how they have been placing their data with each other, and what their strategies were being. When I heard that Gene was likely to have a bunch of visitor stars on his file, I couldn’t think about what he was contemplating. Helen Reddy? Really, Gene? What the f*ck?”

You can listen to Gene Simmons’ ‘True Confessions’ below.