Evanescence Shares New Tour Dates For 2022 After The Worlds Collide Tour Is Pushed Back One More Time

Evanescence has made yet another announcement about their Worlds Collide tour by sharing a new post on their official Instagram account.

After the coronavirus hit the world last year, Evanescence had to postpone their events through this year as every other band did. While the tour dates coming closer day by day, the iconic rock band made a sad announcement.

Because of the fact that the danger of the coronavirus continues, Evanescence decided to postpone their Worlds Collide tour to the next year and revealed the new tour dates.

Furthermore, Evanescence apologized to their followers for waiting for them yet again and stated that they are determined to make this tour happen. Also, the band said that they are looking forward to meeting with their audience on the stage.

Here is the official announcement from Evanescence:

“Well guys, we have to push this back one more time. We hate to make you wait longer but we are absolutely determined to make this tour we’ve all been looking forward to happening, so check out the new dates.

We will be counting the days till we finally get to celebrate all this new music together. In the meantime, stay safe, stay sane, and keep your headbanging to The Bitter Truth!

You will have no excuse not to know every word by next spring! We love you! Tickets available at the link in bio.”

You can check out the poster Evanescence shared below.

Photo Credit: Evanescence – Instagram