The Police’s Andy Summers Regrets Turning Down An ‘Incredibly Famous Singer’

Andy Summers admitted his missed chance with a world-famous singer in a recent conversation with the Big Takeover’s Chip Midnight.

When asked whether he had a lot of musical opportunities after the Police broke up, the guitarist replied by saying:

“Yeah, I did turn one incredibly famous singer down. That was probably a real mistake because it would have been a stadium filler immediately. I won’t even say his name. I do regret that. It was pretty stupid.”

Summers then reflected on his mindset at the time:

“I was too gone because we were the biggest band in the world. We were all very famous. I’m probably the most famous guitar player in the world at that point. Probably the highest paid. It’s like a wall of stuff coming to you all the time, mind-bending, hard to keep your feet on the ground and think straight about anything.”

Apparently, an anonymous famous singer was not the only person the musician rejected. At the beginning of last month, Summers revealed that he said no to Sting and Stewart Copeland’s reunion offers. When asked if he thinks a reunion might happen in a chat with WGN News, the guitarist responded:

“It would be shocking to me. I don’t think so. There’s calls I get every day from Stewart [Copeland] and Sting, and I say, ‘No, no, no, don’t call me.'”

In his solo career, the rocker did various things like making music, touring, and composing for movies. Andy has not been a member of any other band other than the ones he founded after parting ways with the Police. He formed Circa Zero in 2013 along with Rob Giles from the Rescues and the Police tribute band Call the Police in 2017.

He also worked on duet albums with Robert Fripp, Victor Biglione, John Etheridge, and Benjamin Verdery. His first solo album, ‘XYZ,’ came out in 1987. Summers also displays his photography in art galleries worldwide.