The Who Album That Saved Pearl Jam Singer Eddie Vedder’s Life

The Who was one of the most influential rock bands in the 20th century. The British band originated the rock opera in the ’60s and ’70s and contributed to the rock music scene with their playing techniques. Many musicians have adopted the band’s style, especially Pete Townshend’s playing. The Who also drew attention with their unique shows where they broke guitars and drums while performing. The band has sold more than 100 million copies internationally.

Their success has touched upon so many musicians’ and audiences’ lives since the first debut album, ‘My Generation’ released in 1965. The first single, ‘I Can’t Explain,’ had a place in the top ten of the UK charts. ‘My Generation,’ ‘Substitute,’ and ‘Happy Jack’ were the next hits. Their success continued with the albums like ‘Who’s Next,’ ‘Quadrophenia,’ and ‘Who Are You.’ They inspired lots of musicians with their success, and Eddie Vedder was one of them who considered The Who his idol.

How Did The Who Album Keep Eddie Vedder Alive?

As the vocalist and guitarist of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder drew attention with his baritone vocal, which gave him the number 7 on ‘Best Lead Singers of All Time’ according to the Rolling Stone readers. Vedder’s music career began with playing in the local bands in San Diago the continued with Temple of the Dog and Pearl Jam. His inspiration for his music came from The Who, The Beatles, and The Clash.

As Eddie mentioned in the conversations, The Who has had a special place in his life because he grew up listening to the band. He expresses his admiration for The Who’s 1973 album ‘Quadrophenia’ by mentioning that it helped him in his tough times while dealing with his mother and stepfather’s divorce.

In an interview with Lightning Bolt, Vedder mentioned how the album saved his life when he was a child. As he talked about it, there was a bond between him and this album immediately because he could relate to the songs while nobody could understand him. Vedder stated that this album kept him alive while he had a lot of difficulties in his life.

Eddie Vedder said in his words:

“Yes, and also saved my life. It was something I could catch because, for some reason, it seemed like I could not relate to anyone in the world. With no one in my school and certainly with no one in my house, all of a sudden, this London guy named Pete came in who knew everything that was going on in my life.

I was about 13, 14, and all kinds of things were happening to me at the time. I was like, let’s say, a bridge with its structures covering a great and deep abyss, and this bridge was about to collapse. Do you understand me? Throughout this period, I was there trying to hold myself.

It’s a good thing the record shop prescribed me this drug because it was she who helped me through all that, you know? Even with no response at all, it was important to know that I was not the only one who was going through those things.”

You can watch the entire interview below.