The Only Two Led Zeppelin Songs Written Without Jimmy Page

Although every band has its unique creation process, someone often acts as the driving force guiding the band’s musical direction and contributing to their works. Considering the situation in Led Zeppelin, the band’s talented guitarist Jimmy Page always stood out as the mastermind since he formed the band in the first place, wrote most of the original material, and produced and engineered all of their albums.

The guitarist hasn’t been through with Led Zeppelin, although the band parted ways long ago. Page has put a great effort into remastering their old releases and carving out archival material to present to the fans. While his contribution to the band is indisputable, there were still two songs that Led Zeppelin dropped without any input from Jimmy Page.

The Two Led Zeppelin Songs Jimmy Page Didn’t Take Part In Writing

Although each Led Zeppelin member was essential in creating a unique sound and putting forward memorable pieces of work, Jimmy Page still came to the front with his exceptional guitar playing, awesome riffs, and songwriting skills. However, surprisingly, he didn’t contribute to two Zeppelin songs as they were the product of Robert Plant and John Paul Jones.

These two songs were ‘All My Love‘ and ‘South Bound Saurez,’ featured in the band’s eighth and final studio album, ‘In Through the Out Door,’ released in 1979. Both songs were credited to Robert Plant and John Paul Jones. While ‘All My Love’ is an emotional tribute to Robert Plant’s son Karac, who died of a stomach illness in 1977, ‘South Bound Saurez’ is an enjoyable track with catchy riffs.

However, there was a reason why Jimmy Page and John Bonham’s contribution to this album was less in contrast to the band’s previous albums. At the time, Page was struggling with heroin addiction, while Bonham was battling alcoholism. Thus, the two musicians frequently couldn’t appear in the recording studio on time.

Therefore, most of the work was left to Plant and Jones. Page and Bonham would come to the studio late at night and add their parts. So, ‘In Through the Out Door’ became the only album Bonham received no writing credits, and Jimmy Page didn’t take part in writing two songs.

You can listen to those two Led Zeppelin tracks below.