The Led Zeppelin Song Robert Plant Wrote To His Son Who Died From Cancer


Led Zeppelin icon Robert Plant is often regarded as one of the greatest vocalists of all time both by music critics and fans and he had a respectable and legendary career that spans over more than five decades including countless monumental moments, creating an image as the charismatic rock and roll frontman.

However, the Led Zeppelin lead singer had the most unexpected and tragic experience a parent could ever live when he lost a child named Karac back in 1977 because of a stomach illness when little Karac was only 5 years old. As expected, losing his five-year-old son was devastating and Plant was completely shattered by this heartbreaking incident even after a long time.

As some of you might know, legendary singer Robert Plant channeled his grief and pain into his art just like every other great musician would have and created two iconic tracks, one named ‘All of My Love‘ for his band Led Zeppelin, and another tribute song named ‘I Believe‘ for his solo album after being devasted by the loss of a child.

Robert Plant Lost His 5-Year-Old Son


Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant married Maureen Wilson on 9 November 1968, and the couple had three children together, a daughter Carmen Jane who was born in the same year the two got married, and two sons Karac Pendragon, and Logan Romero who was born 4 years before the couple divorced in August 1983.

Robert Plant had a life other people can only imagine from being one of the most admirable singers in the rock and roll scene with one of the greatest bands of all time to having a wonderful family including three children and a beloved wife, however, things took a turn when Led Zeppelin was on tour in New Orleans.

The legendary singer was on tour when he first received the devastating news, his 5-year-old son Karac Pendragon passed away because of a stomach illness in 1977. After hearing about his son’s passing, the rest of the tour was canceled and Robert Plant rushed to his home in England in order to be with his family and bury his child.

Robert Plant Dedicated Two Songs To His Late Son


There is no doubt that losing a child is one of the most traumatic incidents a parent can imagine, especially when a father like Robert Plant who deeply cares about his children loses a child at an incredibly young age of five. Despite being broken for years after the passing of Karac, Plant managed to create two tracks dedicated to his son as a tribute act.

The first track is ‘All of My Love‘ which was released via Led Zeppelin’s eighth and final studio album ‘In Through the Out Door’ on 15 August 1979, only a few years after the passing of his little son, Robert Plant wrote this untraditional love song as a tribute to Karac and stated during an interview that the track is for the jot and love he gave to them as a family.

Robert Plant created the second song named ‘I Believe,’ dedicated to his late son many years after when he released his sixth solo studio album, ‘Fate of Nations’ on 25 May 1993. Despite knowing there are two songs Plant created in order to remember Karac, the legendary singer also once revealed that his son popped up at other times in his songs, but didn’t specify which, luckily, his fans already know two they can appreciate and understand the love of Plant towards his lost child.

You can listen to ‘All of My Love’ and ‘I Believe’ right below.

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