How Aerosmith Singer Steven Tyler Got His ‘Spider’ Nickname


Aerosmith holds a very prominent spot in the rock and roll scene, but its musical journey has been full of ups and downs. Despite all their troubled times, Aerosmith became one of the biggest arena rock bands of the 1970s and was praised for its hard rock sounds, catchy riffs, and outspoken lyrics.

Over the years, ‘The Bad Boys from Boston’ released many well-known songs and music videos featuring their iconic hard rock sound mixed with blues, pop-rock, and heavy metal. Their success in the industry solidified their place in American rock music. Even though all band members have enjoyed worldwide popularity, the band has been primarily associated with Steven Tyler.

Tyler has established himself in the public eye with his fashion sense, stunning stage shows, and wide range of vocals. Despite battling heavy substance abuse that destroyed the group’s reputation multiple times throughout their careers, they have often managed to come out stronger than before. They even regained the momentum they lost in the ’80s. Although the vocalist ultimately achieved to battle his addiction, he was still nicknamed ‘Spider’ for his substance abuse.

Why Is Steven Tyler’s Nickname The Spider?


Similar to many artists in the music scene, Steven Tyler also experienced many highs and lows during his career as a rockstar, and some of them put him in risky situations. One of those lows occurred in the late 1970s and early 1980s when Tyler was overwhelmed by his severe drug and alcohol addiction.

After recording ‘Draw The Line,’ Aerosmith went on a grand tour to support its release. However, the frontman’s drug abuse began to affect their live shows. However, Tyler was not the only one battling addiction, as he and Perry were nicknamed the Toxic Twins due to their infamous drug use. Tyler’s drug addiction eventually began to take hold, and he hit rock bottom when he collapsed on stage during a concert in Portland, Maine.

During that time, Tyler earned the Spider nickname. When asked about his nickname, he explained that at the height of his drug addiction, he would crawl on the floor searching for the cocaine he had already smoked. His addiction had seriously impacted his physical and mental health, and his actions led to the nickname Spider.

Steven Tyler’s thoughts about his ‘Spider’ nickname:

“I would crawl on the floor looking for a piece of freebase (pure cocaine) that I thought I dropped but probably already smoked.”

After Tyler hit rock bottom, it took him two years to complete his drug rehab and return to the stage. Aerosmith’s return to the music scene was not a walk in the park. However, the process was not long either since they were seasoned musicians ready to bounce back after sobering up. They rose to prominence after releasing their 1986 Run-DMC collaboration ‘Walk This Way.’