The Only Musician Keith Richards Can Take Criticism From

The prolific musician Keith Richards achieved worldwide fame as the Rolling Stones’ co-founder, guitarist, secondary vocalist, and lyricist. Richard’s guitar playing has been a signature element in the Stones’ sound throughout the band’s career. With a career spanning over six decades, the 77-year-old guitarist is still making musical efforts with the band.

Apart from his works as a successful guitar player, Keith Richards has also made the headlines with his controversial and outspoken statements. For instance, he directed his harsh criticism towards Prince, didn’t hesitate to express his hate for Elton John, and had troubles with the Stones frontman, Mick Jagger, due to his sharp tongue.

Keith Richards Has A Straight-Out Approach When It Comes To Criticizing Others

The iconic musician Prince belonged to the list of musicians targeted by Richards. In 1981, Prince was the opening act for the Rolling Stones, but his sound and image didn’t suit the Stones’ audience. As a result, some booed him during his performance. Keith Richards recalled this incident in his 2010 memoir ‘Life’ and said that he insulted their audience by saying they have no music taste, and he is an overrated midget.

On the other hand, Richards also aimed at another pivotal figure in the music scene, Elton John. The pair is known for mutually hating each other for a long time, and they often make controversial remarks about each other. Back in 2018, Richards told Daily Telegraph that he won’t miss Elton John when he retires. Following that, he stated that John’s retirement decision would only make room for his band.

On top of that, the guitarist has also had a problematic relationship with his band’s frontman Mick Jagger. There was tension between the musicians throughout the band’s career as they had clashing opinions and different personalities. Even though Jagger and Richards are friends now, Richards once thought that Jagger was unbearable. Besides, the guitarist nicknamed Jagger ‘Bitchy Brenda’ and called his solo album ‘Dogshit In The Doorway.’

Although it is now all water under the bridge, Keith Richards has continued expressing his opinions frankly and criticizing other musicians without a concern in his mind. Besides, it seems it is easy for him to do so, even for minor things. However, there was one musician he would accept criticism from.

Keith Richards Didn’t Mind Being Criticized By Bob Dylan

Apparently, Keith Richards has seen no harm in using his sharp tongue even while criticizing worldwide-known musicians. However, it was Bob Dylan’s turn this time, and Richards became the iconic musician’s target.

In an interview by NME, Keith Richards recalled an incident involving him and Bob Dylan. The guitarist named Dylan a ‘nasty little bugger’ and remembered what Dylan said to him. According to what Richards said, Dylan told him that he could have written ‘Satisfaction,’ but Keith couldn’t have written his ‘Desolation Row.’

As reported by Classic Rock, Keith Richards told NME that:

“He showed you that rock’n’roll didn’t need to be quite so restricted by that verse-chorus-verse formula. We app pushed each other in those days.

Bob’s a nasty little bugger. I remember him saying to me, ‘I could have written ‘Satisfaction,’ Keith – but you couldn’t have written ‘Desolation Row.’ I said, ‘Well, you’re right there, Bob!'”

Surprisingly, Keith Richards saw nothing wrong with Bob Dylan’s words, and he even accepted his claims. Perhaps Richards’ reaction would be different if it were anyone else but Dylan, but the guitarist did not even object to the iconic singer.