Andy Summers Doesn’t Want Any Closure For The Police: ‘It’s More Exciting’

The Police’s Andy Summers revealed whether or not there would be a reunion during a new interview with LAist.

When asked about a possible reunion, the guitarist changed the topic to closure and claimed it’s more exciting now to have closure in the band. He said:

“Well, I don’t know. One thing I like to say is that having this film and going at being successful is sort of like going on tour, not quite the same visceral experience. I wanna address something else you said about closure because I think I mentioned that word in the film like I want some closure. Actually, I don’t feel that at all now. Why do we need closure? Why don’t we just leave it open and have it be this sort of frustrating open door that just goes on? I think it’s much more exciting. I don’t wanna shut the door lately. I don’t think anybody does.”

He concluded by mentioning the closure in the band:

“There is no closure because we were so big and blah blah blah. We’re all so connected we have to make business decisions together all the time. We are connected, it doesn’t go away.”

The 80s Were ‘Poisonous’

Despite reuniting in 2003 and 2007, The Police’s initial longevity was attributed to Sting’s dedication to his bandmates, Stewart Copeland asserted during an earlier interview. He dismissed the possibility of another Police reunion for what he describes as ‘honorable reasons,’ asserting that the trio will maintain their strong friendship as long as they refrain from attempting to collaborate again. The trio, consisting of frontman Sting, guitarist Andy Summers, and Copeland, went their separate ways in 1986 after a highly successful nine-year tenure.

As Copeland said during an interview, the 80s were ‘poisonous’ for the band:

“It was poisonous. We were as big as a band could be, and everyone thought we were three golden gods with heavenly lights shining from our eyes. But in that studio, we were three pricks with no respect for each other. We were abusive and we drove each other nuts.”

We can say that there doesn’t seem to be a reunion soon.