The Only Led Zeppelin Song Jimmy Page Never Felt Comfortable Playing

We may struggle to guess what Jimmy Page enjoys other than composing some of the best guitar riffs in the history of rock music, but we sure do know what he doesn’t like. If you’re interested in learning about what he hates, well, get ready because you’re in for a long ride.

So, it might be safe to say that when Page doesn’t like a fellow rocker, he’s not one to shy away from making controversial statements. Phil Collins, who Jimmy blamed for ruining Led Zeppelin’s performance back in 1985 during the Live Aid, and Robbie Williams, who the rocker also targeted for destroying his historical mansion, are only some of the names that come to mind when thinking about how the guitarist has been pretty clear about who he dislikes.

However, fellow musicians are not the only ones that Jimmy Page detests. There have been times he hasn’t even enjoyed his creations, and the discography of Led Zeppelin has also had its fair share of the guitarist’s criticism. Nonetheless, this article isn’t about the Zeppelin song the guitarist hated so much that he refused to perform live. Still, it is about a single from the legendary band’s setlist that Page never felt comfortable playing since he believed the riffs didn’t reflect his style.

When SFGATE interviewed the guitar legend in 2000, the chat was going as your usual interview would. The magazine asked Page about the history of Led Zeppelin, how he composed some of the most cult sounds in rock history, and if there was a song he hated in the band’s lengthy discography. Even though Jimmy denied hating any of their songs at first, he later admitted that there was one track he never felt comfortable playing.

“The only one I never felt comfortable playing was ‘All of Your Love,’” admitted Page as he further discussed why he didn’t feel comfortable while playing the song. “That was not my sort of deal. It sort of felt like the Rod Stewart songs of the time with the scarf-waving chorus. That wasn’t really my thing.”

So, Jimmy hated ‘All My Love,’ or as he recalled, ‘All of Your Love,’ which he believed did not feature his characteristic guitar riffs. He felt the song didn’t belong to him, and it wasn’t his thing. It was also known that he had been reluctant to record the song during studio sessions, but in the end, the single had a special meaning for Robert Plant as he and John Paul Jones dedicated it to the frontman’s late son.