The Truth Behind The Feud Between Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page And Robbie Williams


Led Zeppelin’s legendary founder and guitarist Jimmy Page and world-renown pop star Robbie Williams have been in a feud since 2015 after the latter decided that he wanted to do some renovations to his house, which Page didn’t approve of as he claimed that they could damage his own house.

Jimmy Page is the second richest member of Led Zeppelin with a net worth of $180 million and he has often invested his money in fancy, historical, and luxurious estates such as The Tower house in London which was built by the famous architect William Burges in 1881. Although he has resided in his castle-like Gothic style home since 1972, he’s currently living in Deanery Garden, a gorgeous home in Sonning, Berkshire.

Why Is Jimmy Page Not Residing In The Tower House Now?

Photo Credit: Alex Telfer – The Observer

The reason for this might be the unending feud between him and his neighbor, the popstar Robbie Williams. Williams became Page’s neighbor in 2013 when he purchased his £17.5 million mansion from its previous owner, the late director Michael Winner. Although the duo seemed to get along well in the beginning, the first clash came in 2015 when Williams decided to renovate his house.

Six years ago, Williams submitted some plans to build a basement gym and a swimming pool, do some changes to the internal layout of the house and the garden, and replace the roof of the glass studio. However, Page objected to these renovations as he said that the work could damage his Grade I-listed mansion. In 2018 he told The Guardian that The Tower house exhibits ‘one of the great hidden interiors of London’ with its beautiful mosaic floors which could be damaged by any type of vibration.

This is what Jimmy Page told The Guardian:

“I knew what a Grade I-listed building was and what a privilege it was to live in something like this, yes. Tower House is extraordinary… with those amazing mosaic floors which any vibration could impact on. It’s one of the great hidden interiors of London.”

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How Robbie Williams Try To Get Under Jimmy Page’s Skin


Although Jimmy Page expressed his concerns in a respectful way, rumors said that Robbie Williams preferred to take another road. Some of their neighbors said that Williams would start playing songs of Led Zeppelin’s rivals such as Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, and Deep Purple when Page would step out to his garden.

In addition to that, a neighbor recalled seeing Williams impersonating Page’s bandmate and Led Zeppelin’s co-founder Robert Plant by putting on a wig and a pillow under his clothes to get under Page’s skin. However, Williams had denied these allegations and called them ‘a complete fabrication and nonsense.’

Here’s what Jimmy Page had written back in 2015 to borough planning chiefs:

“I am extremely concerned that this work will cause vibrations and possible structural damage to my house. It appears the proposed new window is at a height that will overlook the side of my house as well as the garden at the rear of my property, thus having a significant impact on the amenity of the house and its garden.”

You can see the renovations that Robbie Williams wanted to do below:

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

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