Coldplay Will Release A New Album Soon According To Fans Who Decoded The Symbols In ‘Alien Radio’ Video

The latest video of Coldplay that shared on Instagram has been decrypted by their followers and it seems like we will have a new album from the band.

As you might already know, Coldplay shared an encrypted video on their official Instagram account and revealed that they are going to release a new project.

Even though the video is not having any words or letters from the Latin alphabet, the fans managed to find a way to decrypt the symbols that Coldplay shared.

According to a fan page named ColdplayXtra, the band wrote three simple words; Coldplay, Higher Power, May Seven. This also unofficially means that Higher Power will be the name of their newest album, releasing on May 7, 2021.

Here is what Coldplay wrote in the caption:

“Alien Radio FM.”

A fan page of the band, ColdplayXtra said:

“In case you’re only just getting the news now, the Alien Radio Fm language translates to: Coldplay • Higher Power · May 7. New music here we come.”

You can check out the post below.