When Robert Plant Was Beaten By An Elvis Impersonator In A Karaoke Duel


Robert Plant has achieved international fame and commercial success as Led Zeppelin frontman and his successful solo career. Even though he had great rivals such as The Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger, The Who’s Roger Daltrey, The Doors’ Jim Morrison, and Queen’s Freddie Mercury, Plant was considered as the ‘Rock God.’

Plant has been named ‘the best vocalist’ and ‘the greatest voice’ by several websites and magazines thanks to his powerful and wide vocal range and remarkable performances. Therefore many people think that he is invincible concerning his vocal capabilities, but Plant was once defeated by an Elvis impersonator.

Robert Plant Lost A Karaoke Competition To An Elvis Impersonator


In 1990, Robert Plant was in Hong Kong with his son, and before they returned to England, they wanted to spend a night and have fun. Therefore, Plant and his son decided to go to a karaoke bar, and Robert shose to sing an Elvis song.

The Led Zeppelin frontman soon met a rival, who was a Taiwanese Elvis impersonator, and they started competing as a part of karaoke night. In one of his previous interviews with The Late Late Show with James Corden, Plant remembered the duel and defined it as a neck-to-neck competition but eventually, he was defeated by fake-Elvis.

Robert Plant recalled these times saying:

“It’s a dastardly trick. When Brit handed back Hong Kong to the Chinese after 1990, nicking all the gear out there and sending it back to England. I went out with my son and the night before we took the plane back to London, we said ‘Let’s go’ Have some fun…’ So we went to a karaoke night and I wanted to sing and hit too many drinks. I thought Abba no, Aerosmith no. There was Elvis. So I said ‘Okay.’

I put my name, and a bloke from Taiwan also put his name down for Elvis, so we were competing. I’m doing all my beat, a man of a certain age. It was all Chinese folk in there and even though Taiwan is a taboo place for Communist Chinese people to even think about, I was neck and neck with this guy and even the Chinese guys were going for this Taiwanese guy. I was really, really good… but in Beijing 22 years ago, I was beaten by a Taiwanese Elvis impersonator.

In addition, Plant highlighted that even the Chinese people, who previously had a problem with Taiwanese folk, supported the Taiwanese man during their karaoke duel. Consequently, the Elvis impersonator became the man who came victorious in a contest with one of the greatest vocalists in the world.

You can watch the interview below.