Joe Satriani Explains His Theory Called ‘The Lenny Kravitz Scale’

Joe Satriani recently joined Classic Rock for an interview and revealed details of the theory he created, ‘the Lenny Kravitz Scale.’

Lenny Kravitz is a singer, songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist whose style incorporates elements from various genres, such as rock, blues, R&B, soul, pop, and folk. Apart from his musicianship, the award-winning artist is also known for his iconic looks and acting career.

As it seems, Kravitz inspired Satriani to create a theory. Speaking to Classic Rock in a recent interview, Satriani revealed details of this theory after sharing opinions about young generation artists and guitarists along with Steve Vai. According to the guitarist, young musicians are now making history.

After that, the interviewer asked Satriani whether this was because of these musicians’ starting point as they started playing an instrument with higher expectations after seeing iconic guitarists like him or Vai. As a response, Satriani explained his ‘Lenny Kravitz scale’ theory.

According to the guitarist, Kravitz had got it all together as a great writer and singer who is also an architect and has a beautiful family. So, he compared himself with Kravitz and questioned how far he would go on the Lenny Scale during press conferences. Satriani then said Vai also had it all together like Kravitz after his ‘Passion & Warfare’ album, so he is to blame for these young artists who started at that point.

After the conversation about the extraordinary talents of young artists, the Classic Rock interviewer asked Joe Satriani the following:

“Maybe that’s partly because of their starting point? If players like you two are the benchmark when a kid first picks it up, their expectations of the instrument will be high?”

As a response, Satriani said:

“Steve – he’s saying it’s all your fault. I have this theory I call ‘the Lenny Kravitz scale.’ Lenny has got it all together – looks great, plays great, can sing, writes hit records, is an architect, and has a wonderful family. Every time I have to do some press, I think: ‘How far am I going to go on the Lenny scale here?’

But when his ‘Passion & Warfare’ came out [in 1990], Steve Vai had it all together too – the new guitar, the look, the incredible playing, and the songs. So it’s entirely your fault – you’ve spawned a generation of people who start there, for crying out loud!”

According to Steve Vai, young musicians have an astonishing talent that goes beyond the old generation of musicians. Moreover, this is due to their starting point — they see other iconic artists as an inspiration. To explain this, Vai created his theory called ‘the Lenny Kravitz scale.’