The Only Led Zeppelin Song That Jimmy Page Hates Playing Live

While many musicians like the songs they have created, some are not content with the outcome. Broadly speaking, this is mainly because some songs are written as fillers or composed unwillingly to serve another purpose. Although these musical efforts generally don’t get released, some make it into the albums and even achieve critical appreciation.

As you know, Led Zeppelin released a great number of rock classics from their formation in 1968 up until their disbandment. Jimmy Page usually wrote the music of those songs while Plant wrote the lyrics. However, it seems like they had one song which they never played live as Jimmy Page ‘hated’ it. Let’s discover more about that song and the reason why Page hated it.

Jimmy Page Hated ‘Living Loving Maid’ Since It Was A Throwaway Song

Back in 1969, Led Zeppelin released their second studio album, mostly known as ‘Led Zeppelin II.’ The album’s recording sessions took place at several locations as the band was in a busy period at that time. In fact, most of the album was written while on tour, in between concerts. Therefore, this resulted in an urgency that can be spotted in the album’s sound.

The song ‘Living Loving Maid (She’s Just A Woman)’ also appeared on this album. As some of you may know, it was inspired by a groupie that bothered Led Zeppelin while they were touring. Moreover, there is another interesting fact about this song: Jimmy Page hates it.

The guitarist probably hates the song because it was written in a rush and turned out to be a throwaway song. Moreover, the song follows ‘Heartbreaker’ on the second side of the album as if to fill a gap, and most of the radio stations have played them together due to that.

Although Jimmy Page stated he hates this song, many Led Zeppelin fans love it. Despite being far too simple for Led Zeppelin and shorter than the others, the song seems to have gained the appreciation of the band’s fanbase. However, it was never played live by Led Zeppelin, and thus the fans never had a chance to listen to it live.

Below, you can listen to Led Zeppelin’s ‘Living Loving Maid’ yourself.