Sean Dowdell Says New Grey Daze Album Captures Chester Bennington’s Angst And Energy

Chester Bennington‘s early band Grey Daze is set to release a new album to celebrate his life and pay him a tribute. Drummer Sean Dowdell recently informed fans that Bennington’s vocals in the album show the angst and energy that made people fall in love with the singer.

Late Linkin Park icon first began singing with a band called Sean Dowdell and His Friends? Together they released an eponymous three-track cassette in 1993. The duo later formed a new band, Grey Daze, with whom Bennington released two albums before he quit and moved on to his iconic career with Linkin Park.

The band later came together in 2020 to release some earlier recorded songs as a tribute to Bennington after his tragic passing. In 2020, they released ‘Amends’ which featured Chester Bennington’s vocals from the 1990s and was put on top of newly recorded instrumentals.

The next album, ‘The Phoenix,’ featuring Bennington’s vocals, will be released on June 17. Before dropping it, the band gave a taste of the new record and fired the single ‘Saturation (Strange Love).’ The band’s drummer and songwriter Sean Dowdell recently talked about the upcoming album and said that there are songs that capture Bennington’s angst and energy.

Here is what Sean Dowdell said about the new album:

“‘Amends’ was more emotional and reflective. We felt sad when we were writing it. Now that we’re a couple of years removed, it’s very clear what we were going through. We were at a different stage of grief. We went through the shock and the sadness.

Now, we’re back to gratitude. So, The Phoenix is more of a celebration of our friend, his talent, and the music. It captures Chester’s angst and energy that people fell in love with. It’s much more aggressive. If you love Chester’s scream, you’ll love this record.”

It seems to have the singer’s applauded screams along with his aggressiveness. The entire album is a tribute to Bennington to celebrate his life and talents after passing away in 2017. He had left no suicide note, and his death occurred on Chris Cornell’s 53rd birthday, who had also committed suicide two months before that.

You can listen to the lead single from the upcoming album below.