The Only Indispensable Thing Metallica Requested On Their Tour Rider


We are very accustomed to hearing that many musicians have different rituals before getting on stage. Some may sound weird or superstitious, but they apparently help them concentrate on their live performances. Taking the stage is probably still thrilling for most musicians, and thus, these kinds of rituals and demands create a sort of relaxed atmosphere for them.

For instance, The Rolling Stones request cable or satellite television to watch cricket matches. The Foo Fighters members listen to Michael Jackson songs as they take shots of Jägermeister before every show. Another interesting ritual is Leonard Cohen getting on the stage after a glass of whisky and singing a Latin phrase meaning ‘I am poor, I have nothing.’

Most of us wish to learn what the musicians prefer to do before the shows, and the occasional revealment of these rituals and requests often satisfies our curiosity. As one of the biggest metal bands, Metallica’s pre-show habits will surely be surprising for most of you.

Metallica Demands Bacon At Every Meal And They Are Very Strict About It


We mostly expect to hear some unusual things when it comes to pre-show rituals, but Metallica members have a very simple request, which is bacon. In the document released on The Smoking Gun website, there is a very detailed list of Metallica requests for their 2004 US Arena Tour.

It is a 24-page list, which looks like carefully prepared by the band. At the beginning of the document, Metallica members make it clear that they prefer nothing changed from that rider. It starts with general provisions like permits, health and safety, insurance, broadcasts, and special laws.

In the later sections, they inform the officials about their dressing room and office requests. They mostly demand large size rooms with some furniture in them. After some technical requests considering their instruments, Metallica members stated their general catering requirements.

On the first page of the catering rider, they say that they have six strict vegetarians in their crew, and it should be taken into consideration. There is a list of meals that Metallica members demand as breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the following pages. The breakfast list says that they require bacon and sausage. Still, there is a special note next to it with capital letters saying that ‘Bacon: very important that bacon be available at every meal and during day.’ Then, they keep on listing the other meals and beverages they require.

You may think that they just included this special note in the breakfast list because they like it. However, interestingly, they repeated the same request with capital letters in their lunch and dinner lists. It looks like Metallica members are very strict about this bacon issue, and they are determined to keep their habits. They want to make sure that bacon will be available for them in every meal. It seems surprising that they haven’t released a song about bacon yet.