Radiohead’s Thom Yorke Explains The Change In His Approach To Music

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke recently spoke about how his approach to arts and music changed these days. Primarily following the war in Ukraine, the frontman started questioning the role of music when people are suffering.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin launched attacks on its neighbouring country, Ukraine, on February 24. The war caused devastating effects on the country, and the ones who highly received damage were the country’s civilians. While some people were able to flee to other countries and seek refuge, many couldn’t leave their homes.

The Ukraine inhabitants faced catastrophes, lost their homes, and the entire country stood in shelters. Images were released, and the world saw how much people suffered during this war. Many celebrities stood up against the attacks and stated their sadness about the case.

Thom Yorke recently talked about this war and stated how much it affected his perspective on everything. He was shocked to see Europe facing an actual battle in the 21st century and how everyday life was ‘diminished.’ He questioned the music’s role in this scene and stated that listening to music has changed for him recently.

Here is what Yorke stated:

“Listening to music has changed for me recently. I find myself asking, what is music or any art in such a time of death, violence, and horror? I guess it can only try to bear witness somehow. There are no words to express seeing war in Ukraine, in Europe in the 21st century. Normal life has been diminished. There is a sense of wanton absurdity and futility.

The clowns have run out of jokes. Their faces have twisted into grimaces, no longer able to hide the malignant shadows standing behind them. Families just like ours, innocent children, pulled apart. We can only pray to wake up from this nightmare and never allow it to happen again. Soon.”

Yorke asked himself about the arts and music’s role in such a scene. He stated that while there is all this violence and horror, what use does the creative arts have. The last time Yorke released his latest album was as a solo artist in 2019, and he spoke about the tragic events from an audience’s perspective.