The Offspring’s Dexter Holland Addresses The Rivalry With Billie Joe Armstrong

The Offspring singer Dexter Holland has finally explained if there is a rivalry between his band and Green Day.

The rocker sat down with Cumulus Podcasts to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the hit album ‘Smash’ by reflecting on an era when a punk band could climb to the top of the charts. Both ‘Smash’ and Green Day’s ‘Dookie’ came out in the same year, and this caused what was thought to be a rivalry. The singer explained in the chat that this was never the issue:

“Our records in ’94 both came out really close to each other, like two months I think. So sometimes people thought like maybe it was a reaction to the other. There’s no way that could have happened. Some of the bands that both of our bands love like Operation Ivy, and stuff and going to shows, we cross paths just on a friendly basis a couple times. We went out off the road with Billie Joe’s side band [The Longshot], we did a couple shows with them. So definitely friendly, you could see in that last year that people were really reacting to Green Day and you could tell something was gonna happen.”

He then recalled a memory about Green Day and shared his reaction about it:

“I saw him in London in 93 because we played The Garage, and he was there because they were doing something. I think they were mixing or something because they had been signed by the Warner Brothers and that was just mind-boggling to us and everyone in our circle in our group. [We were] like ‘Oh my God, Green Day got signed to a major label. This is crazy.’ But yeah, there was something going on for sure and that record came out, took off and I’m really happy for him.”

The Press Pinned Them Against Each Other

Both Green Day and The Offspring were head to head when it came to fame back in the 90s. So naturally, people thought they were in a rivalry. The two albums came out so close to each other, and given the success of punk rock back then, it was the peak of their careers. However, there was no rivalry between the bands.

The guitarist Noodles also explained during another interview how the press tried to set the two bands at odds:

“Green Day and us, we were almost equally successful – those guys were a little bit ahead of us I’d say – but really close in terms of record sales and stuff like that. So the press tried to pin us against each other. You couldn’t like one and the other, you had to pick one.”

Similar to his bandmate, Noodles doesn’t think there is any bad blood either:

“I don’t think there’s any bad blood. I’ve done some things with Billy Joe. There’s certainly a lot more in common than there is keeping us apart. There’s a lot more mutual respect than any kind of – we’ve got no problem with those guys.”

You can hear the interview below.