David Gilmour’s Pick For The Greatest British Guitarist Ever

David Gilmour contributed to the success of many albums like ‘The Wall’ and left a mark on the music scene with his guitar playing throughout his career in Pink Floyd. Since the beginning of his appearance in the rock scene, he has managed to put his name among the most outstanding guitarists and receive praise for his leadership role in the iconic band after Roger Waters’ departure. His characteristic playing style was shaped by his tendency toward music, which started at an earlier age.

Like many others, the musician’s interest in music began in his younger years, and he started to make the first steps in his career with the encouragement of his family. During this period, guitarists such as Pete Seeger and Lead Belly inspired him with their sounds. In addition, the rock band Everly Brothers were the first to fuel his passion for playing guitar. According to him, Jeff Beck, who also shaped his guitar playing style, was the most significant British guitarist.

David Gilmour Chose Jeff Beck As The Greatest British Guitar Player

Jeff Beck began to prove himself in the music scene after joining the Yardbirds in the mid-’60s. Although he made a short-term appearance with the band, he contributed to most of their hits during his tenure. In the following years, the guitarist became a source of inspiration for many musicians with his innovative style while continuing his solo career. David Gilmour was one of those influenced by him and even improved himself by copying his playing while learning guitar.

In a 2017 interview with Guitar Tricks Insider, the Pink Floyd guitarist stated that Beck is the greatest British guitarist ever for many people in the world. According to him, the musician left a mark on the music scene throughout his career spanning 50 years, being innovative without following anybody’s rules.

He indicated that the guitarist demonstrated his strong personality by not fulfilling the record industry’s demands. Gilmour mentioned that he was so self-ordained that he even left the Yardbirds when it peaked. The rocker praised Beck as someone who follows his passion rather than trying to please other people besides his musical talent.

David Gilmour said the following about Jeff Beck:

“For many people, musicians and fans alike, Jeff Beck is the greatest ever British guitarist. For more than 50 years, he has blazed an uncompromising trail across the musical landscape. Always an innovator, never a follower, Jeff has steadfastly refused to pander to the demands of the record industry.

This maverick attitude required some difficult career decisions; he left the Yardbirds at the height of their popularity, deserted his own group days before their billed appearance at Woodstock, and often shifted his attention to his other great passion of building hot rods rather than continuing a tour or returning to the studio.”

The Pink Floyd icon had the chance to share the same stage with the musician he took inspiration from while developing his guitar skills. In 2009, Gilmour joined Beck to perform at the Royal Albert Hall. The pair traded solos on ‘Jerusalem’ and closed the show with the 1984 piece ‘Hi Ho Silver Lining.’