Ted Nugent Says Women Are Baits For Men

Ted Nugent shared his controversial ideas about women, which will probably cause a severe backlash from feminism supporters. In his latest live stream on Facebook, the musician defined women as baits God created for men.

As you might know, Ted Nugent’s statements about women have often been criticized as sexist, misogynistic, and unacceptable. The fact that he described women as sexual objects, only aiming to attract men, drew significant attention from his colleagues and organizations founded to support women’s rights and equality in society.

It has also been claimed that in one of his previous speeches, Nugent called the 67th United States Secretary of State and presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, a ‘worthless b*tch’ and ‘toxic c*nt.’ Then, he discriminated against overweight women saying that it’s better to use drugs to avoid ‘fat chicks,’ and added that he prefers to have intercourse with skinny girls.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Ted Nugent described women as baits for men who always want to be desirable and attractive. According to him, they were born for this purpose, which he supported by saying that this is why you can grab their hips and waist. Bearing in mind the backlash he has received throughout the years, it seems that his recent statement will be heavily criticized as well.

In Nugent’s words, he said:

“Women just dedicated themselves to being as desirable as possible. That’s what I think. They’re born to enhance desirability. Women bait men. So obviously God authorizes bait because he made women.

That’s bait. Girls are bait, women are bait, ladies are bait, females are bait. That’s just the way they were made. How awesome is that! The hips, that you can grab them, then grab the waist.”

Many people have been trying to raise awareness about sexism and sexual assault in the entertainment industry, especially after women stepped forward and exposed their abusers during the ‘Me Too’ movement. However, it looks like Ted Nugent doesn’t have a problem being labeled a misogynist during these times.