Brian May Admits He Was Very Close To Driving Off The Bridge After Freddie Mercury’s Death

Queen’s Brian May recently told The Guardian that he was on the verge of driving off the bridge following Freddie Mercury’s passing.

One of the greatest singers in the history of rock, Freddie Mercury, was the lead singer of Queen. He formed the iconic rock band together with Brian May and Roger Taylor back in 1970. Freddie was widely known for his flamboyant musician persona and theatrical stage shows, as well as his four-octave vocal range. Since their formation, the band rose to fame quickly and gained international success.

After a successful career with Queen, Freddie lost his battle against AIDS and died at 45 on November 24, 1991. Although he was diagnosed with the disease in 1987, he revealed his health status one day before his passing. Following his death, a tribute concert was held at Wembley Stadium in 1992. Freddie’s life and career with Queen were detailed in the 2018 biopic ‘Bohemian Rhapsody.’

Speaking to Guardian, Brian May recalled the time he spent with Freddie and how he felt after his death. He said that he thinks about Freddie every day, and when Mercury died, he thought his life was over. May then claimed that he was so shaken by the sad news that he was very close to driving of Hammersmith Bridge at one point.

Brian May told The Guardian what he felt after Freddie Mercury’s death:

I felt like life was over. I was very close to driving off the bridge several times. Very close. It was Hammersmith Bridge. You can’t drive over it now.”

Brian May is currently reissuing his ‘Back To The Light,’ a solo album he worked on following Freddie’s passing. It was clearly a dark period for May, and he chose to deal with his grief by working on his album and going on tours.