Fred Durst’s Disappoinment About Christina Aguilera

When it came to persuading other people and making them an offer they possibly couldn’t refuse, Godfather Don Vito Corleone was the man you should be looking for. He, like your usual Italian-American mafias, stood by a ‘moral’ code that he’d built an entire empire on, and at times, the said ‘offer’ one couldn’t refuse would be to a gun pointed to your head, and we all know how convincing a gun could be.

So, much like our beloved Don Corleone, there’d been times when Fred Durst also thought that he had the prestige to make an offer no one could deny. You see, Durst had what most rockers dreamed of in the early 2000s, with Limp Bizkit selling millions of records and many wanting a piece of his spotlight. So, with all his might, Fred made an offer to Christina Aguilera he assumed she couldn’t refuse. Well, it is evident that he was no Corleone.

Well, the pair took the stage together at the 2000’s MTV Video Music Awards, but Durst’s intention with Aguilera seemed to go beyond more than an artistic collab. The Limp Bizkit frontman actually wanted Christina to accompany him on the red carpet as a date. Still, upon hearing this offer, Aguilera’s team didn’t really care about the mightiness of Durst to preserve the singer’s image as a pop princess.

He wanted me to be his date for the MTV Video Music Awards,” recalled Aguilera as she revealed Durst’s ‘irresistible’ offer to Rolling Stone in 2000. However, in the end, the singer’s record label was terrified at the suggestion of Christina appearing on the red carpet with Fred. “They [the record executives] were like, ‘No! No!’ But in the future, I’ll probably do something like that.”

So, it’s apparent that Christina still thought it would be possible to appear as Durst’s date for a potential future award show. Still, in the end, Fred’s prestige didn’t really help when a bunch of record executives decided that his notorious image would harm the sublime nature of the ‘pop princess.’

However, Fred’s troubles didn’t end quite there. The pair’s duet cost the Limp Bizkit a lot as he received backlash from fans and some rockers who felt that Durst had embarrassed and made a fool out of them out for a meaningless collab. At least, that’s what Filter’s Richard Patrick claimed by saying, “Fred getting onstage with Christina Aguilera embarrassed us all.”

Upon hearing these accusations and backlash, Fred Durst decided being vocal was the best option and addressed any criticism he’d got in his own notorious nature. In an interview with Metal Hammer in 2021, the singer said, “People always just wanna talk about Britney or Christina. What’s the problem? Because they make a type of music, we aren’t allowed to like? Or do you think they are the nemesis of what our music is about? Why segregate? Why be so musically f*ckin’ racist?”

The frontman didn’t care what people would think when he appeared on stage with Aguilera, so he made it clear by going off on people who commented. He added, “Clearly, I didn’t give a f*ck, which fed a lot of it, too. I mean, someone that’s not going to give in and apologize… it’s gonna make people carry on talking.”

Thus, when Fred Durst sat on the throne of his multi-millionaire Limp Bizkit empire, he believed that no one could refuse any of his offers with the prestige he had, but when it came to dating Christina Aguilera, the singer and her record label would disappoint him by turning down his irresistible offer, as Fred’s no Don Corleone.